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Get Use To This Lyrics

Artist: The Diplomats
Album: Diplomatic Immunity II

Juelz Santana:Dip Dip DIp Dipset bitch/Dip Dip Dip Dipset bitch/Dip Dip Dipset/

J.R.Writer:Yo lets do it man/I'm in the buildin'/
Yo I started tha' starters & fathered tha' fathers who fathered/
I slautered tha' slauters & slautered the slauters who slautered/
I target then spark it & pa' you'll part of this target/
From artist to artist J.R. is tha' hardest reguardless/
Put ya' faith in his hands,they'll be chaning tha plans/
Admit it I did it from standin in rain wit a gram/
Now I slither in glitter, Jacob throw glaze on my hands/
Shit D12 don't even know tha name of my band/
Man I'm just supafly 2 fo 5 bake ta' bate/
8th ta'8th, 8 ta' 8 wait I"m great hataz hate/
Cuz, come to paper chase I dealt wit major cake/
Every since Jake the Snake,all I rock was bave & apes/
Ooo,yea' hun those them ol' air ones'/
Sneek's crispy 350,you ain't never wear none/
I'm a pimp girl get it though ya' ear drumbs,no I'm not tellin you where you ca' get a pair from/
I'm sick of tha sicker,you sick of the sickenin' ain't you?/
Come picture & picture,jus picture this picture I paint you/
I'm swift wit tha 5th when I grip it,it spit at angle/
You'll be stiffer than stiff,prepped up sittin wit angels/
I'm jus doin me jewlery bule it be/
It's ya pa'it's J.R.,hittin hard soon ya see/
Act a fool we'll take ya back to school like truancy/
Shit give me my respect,I'm tha best true in deed/

chorus:juelz santana:
Ezcuse the Dips(please)
We movin bitch(move)
We the Truth/
We the proof get used to this(yep)
Our movement sick (yea')
Ya' movement shit(yea')
That's a fact have a nap & get used to this/

J.R. WRITER(2nd Verse)
Let's do it
Yo'I"m ice chains,bright rains,nice rains,sliced cain/
Copped a pound chop it down,rock tha town,hype game/
I could do a price chain,what I pack is crunk/
I don't mean pastor Bunks when I say a white plane/
Look J is built ta' let the 80 tilt/
Gun brawl one call that'll get you hataz killed/
Snapped popped sprayed & pilt,so friend jus chill/
Look here I'm in fa mills & I ain't talkin baby milk/
You I spray wit tha mag,youa' play in it glad/
That mean lay in a' bag like some haze that I had/
Hoes I scrap up & rag serious shit,I ain't talkin periods when I say pussy stay in my pad/
I amaze'em like dag,you ain't a killa please/
That ain't no killa weed,them nick's is filled wit seeds/
I hit the philippines acroos the river sea'/
O.C. fo' a week where I don't fill a breeze/
So I got Hefers hores,wit some excellent jaw/
Like a vet fo' sure,who want me to sex'em raw/
But I X them all,get some head in tha' bed/
Then wilt the chickenhead right towards the exist door/
Jus face it my nig,you can't stay wit the kid/
I got papers gators,many flavors you dig?/
They jus hate how I live,cuz the only time they see me under the wing is when I'm in the basement of my crib/



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