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The Blood Lyrics

Artist: The Cure
Album: Head On The Door

Tell me who doesn't love
What can never come back
You can never forget how it used to feel
The illusion is deep
Its as deep as the night
I can tell by your tears you remember it all
I am paralysed by the blood of Christ
Though it clouds my eyes
I can never stop

How it feels to be dry
Walking bare in the sun
Every mirage I see is a mirage of you
As I cool in the twilight
Taste the salt on my skin
I recall all the tears
All the broken words

I am paralysed by the blood of Christ
Though it clouds my eyes
I can never stop

When the sunsets glow drifts away from you
You'll no longer know
If any of this was really true at all


by pipermacarthur on 7/30/2008 12:40am
what is he singing about? not about the true and real blood of Jesus Christ that's for sure
by derek on 8/4/2008 12:02am
the blood of christ is an alcoholic beverage
by D, , on 5/26/2012 2:47pm
not all songs have any personal meaning, just like poems,. give me a subject and a name and ill write you a fitting poem, there is a lot of somnolent some things mean nothing to anyone else like Nirvana it is down to whether you buy it or not, like it or not, can sort your own meanings
D, ,
by JC on 7/23/2012 9:43am
While I'm quite sure pipermacarthur probably won't ever read this response it makes me wonder how they stumbled onto this song in the first place, let alone make it to the lyrics page.

Lyrics to the majority of The Cure's songs are not as straightforward as those written by other bands / music genres. No, I don't think the reference to 'the blood of Christ' is the same that's used by the Gaither Vocal Band or Sandi Patti.

If pipermacarthur was at all familiar with The Cure, they would probably realize that this wasn't supposed to be taken literally or even as a jab against Christianity.
by Lisa on 4/1/2013 12:04pm
I'm sorry, but the only think I can think of that fits The Cure with "The Blood of Christ" is wine. Cheap and simple.

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The Cure Head On The Door Lyrics

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