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Odessa Lyrics

Artist: The Bee Gees
Album: Odessa

Fourteenth of February , eighteen ninety nine.
The British ship Veronica was lost without a sign.
Baa baa black sheep, you haven't any wool.
Captain Richardson left himself a lonely wife in Hull.

Cherub, I lost a ship in the Baltic sea.
I'm on an iceberg running free.
Sitting, filing this berg to the shape of a ship;
Sailing my way back to your lips.
One passing ship gave word that you have moved out of your old flat.
You love the Vicar more then words can say.
Tell him to pray that I won't melt away.
And I'll see your face again .

Odessa, How strong am I?
Odessa , How time goes by.

Treasure , you know the neighbours that live next door.
They haven't got their dog anymore.
Freezing, sailing around in the North Atlantic.
Can't seem to leave the sea anymore.
I just can't understand why you just moved to Finland.
You love that Vicar more then words can say.
Ask him to pray that I won't melt away.
And I'll see your face again.

Odessa, How strong am I?
Odessa, How time goes by.

Fourteenth of February , eighteen ninety nine.
The British ship Veronica was lost without a sign


by R G on 6/18/2008 6:56pm
this matches anything on Sgt Peppers or Pet Sounds
by englishsunset on 7/22/2009 11:14am
...even the original album cover was beautiful. Would the brothers have had as succesful a career had their music continued along this vein??? of course, we will never know but one has to admit that this style fit, perfectly with their etherial(sp)soaring vocals that could bring any "man" to tears.
by Jordan Cartwright on 5/11/2010 8:39am
I don't feel it matches "anything on Sgt. Pepper's or Pet Sounds", but the title song is fantastic. It's a very solid album, overall. I wish they had stayed the course with this style. I'll take "Life In A Tin Can" over EVERYTHING they did from '75 on.
by Milton on 3/8/2011 12:37am
This not only matches anything off of Pet Sounds and Sgt Peppers but it exceeds it in my opinion. This album was way ahead of it's time.
by Davo on 1/3/2013 12:53am
How can anyone pick the best Bee Gees song? So many of them...sooooo great and so sad that only one left now. I bought this Vinyl record for the lady that was to become my first wife as the first pressie I gave her. I bought my own copy a couple of years ago.
RIP Brothers Gibb
by Thomas on 5/2/2014 5:08pm
The song was launched just after "A day in the life" (in Sgt Peppers album) and is made - follows - in the same vein...).

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