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Tied Together with a Smile Lyrics

Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: Taylor Swift

Seems the only one who doesn't see your beauty
Is the face in the mirror looking back at you
You walk around here thinking you're not pretty
But that's not true, cause I know you...


Hold on, baby, you're losing it
The water's high, you're jumping into it
And letting go... and no one knows
You cry, but you don't tell anyone
That you might not be the golden one
And you're together with a smile
But you're coming undone

I guess it's true that love was all you wanted
Cause you're giving it away like it's extra change
Hoping it will end up in his pocket
But he leaves you out like a penny in the rain
Oh, cause it's not his price to pay
Not his price to pay...

[Repeat Chorus]

You're tied together with a smile
But you're coming undone... oh
Goodbye, baby
Goodbye, baby
With a smile, baby, baby


by lala on 5/12/2008 6:24pm
loved it the best song in the whole wide world i love taylor swift she is the best countrey singer in the whole wide world GO TAYLOR
by LOLO on 5/12/2008 6:24pm
by taylorluvr on 5/18/2008 7:32pm
i know rite she is the bestbestbest and the next time i enter the skool talent show im so gonna sing Teardrops On My Guitar or Tied Together With A Smile YEAH GO TAYLOR SWIFT WOOOOOOOOOOO
by bea on 10/21/2008 5:21am
I like this song, because it is about something we don't hear in a lot of songs. It's about a beautiful girl who can't see her beauty even though everyone else can. I like it very much.
by Jodi Ann on 3/25/2009 12:42am
I love yur songs I can very much relate with them.
by taylorswift'sfan on 10/11/2009 4:09am
gogogogoogoogoooooooo Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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