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Too Late Lyrics

Artist: Talib Kweli
Album: Reflection Eternal (Train Of Thought)

When the bass when the bass thump the place jump like its way crunk ,yea ,fake chumps get they face lumped sent by the most hi by the most fit you gotta do fuck that almost shit the fam is close knit you diggin , no the clock dont stop tickin, glocks still spittin the whole block politicin
Like presidentds when they minds dead on arrival
leavin no evidence of a struggle for survival songs relavent like Psamls read in the bible,steppin to this means thoughts in your head are surcidal -its the T to ALIB the deep rooter rollin with my wanna battle cats who chief budah and see thru the overspecialized,underpressurized , no lie texturized emcees who got the masses mesmerized with empty rhetric , they better quit
niggas so hollow they echo like sentaments

Nowadays rap artist coming halfhearted
Commercial like pop or underground blak markets
Where were you when hip-hop died
Is it to early to moum ,is it too late to ride

Kwa is chillin Tone is chillin, what more can i say we stay buildin' and make killins take children , thru the wilderness by the hand it's a great feelin show em' how to be a man exactly, pack trees in my khaki's my sound fat like N'eve while you thin like mackie C'mon shine so brite when i walk by you gotta squine like the muthafuckin sun in your eye WHAT say somethin you stay frontin it aint nothin to let off like im big game huntin me and tek stay way blunted , wave runnin on beaches with white sand with a slite tan , smack the mic stand with my right hand when im excited , leave you so far in the dust that you forced to bite it on fire like properties lost in riots , yo, aint no stoppin us when we all united

Is it to early to moum is it too late to ride (8x)


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Talib Kweli Lyrics
Talib Kweli Reflection Eternal (Train Of Thought) Lyrics

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