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Right About Now Lyrics

Artist: Talib Kweli
Album: Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD

it's that new Kweli,
I'm gonna give it to you before the bootleggers get hold of it
I figured I'd put it out first make some money on it, now why not ay

one two
Yo I'm brooklyn like the 90's
Brown villa pusha, keep it grimy
Without the flapbush, that's where you found me
In brooklyn tec with just an incidaite? Free ??
Always catch me with Juju and Rubic and even truer kids
Dollar van ??, john bow running, never look back
Just the man that kept the hammer in his back
Rubics interduced me to Black and Forte
Dj Enough on avenue Kay I go back a long way,
With supernet and watching square and freestyling every day
Performing at Lyricist Lounge, ate of the g-brake?
Fuckin with mooders how I met Hi-Tek
Blackstar came in effect, when Alycia gave a tape to Mos def
Reflection Eternal was next on deck,
My crew the best and we prooved it.
We knew our music was the vanguard of a movement
Every Rawkus release was banging
They on the come up,
they was like fuck the radio to pharrel state, get the fuck up
Black listen, Jaron and Bryant
Next position was right about now, we need the radiohead ridging me,
While I hit the road on tour to support the record since the day it was sold
Corey had me following the example of De la Soul
Common and the Rooster, and me, these the sickest niggaz
Get my figures with the Okay-players and the Spitkickers
Rawkus got a deal with MCA, that's the grey area
But let us come from music cemetery of America
They try to fool you by switching the name to Geffen
Now they interscopes bitch and every artist who had a chance left รข'em
Ain't no big surprise, wasn't no love there, Jimmy Ivy never signed me
I just kinda ended up there, fuck that
literaly, it was my way or the highway
Hit the road with the Beasty Boys on tour Europe with Kayne
I gotta thank him for the love on the album
I knew out on Electric Circus he get it by any means necesary, like Malcolm
I tried a single shot at video, getting control of my situation
Gotta label pop in this assituation??
You boy free I had to get out

I put you on, this is where I'm at
Right About Now
And if you saying it's my time, you
Right About Now
This what's going through my mind
Right About Now
Aiyo Aiyo, it's time Right About Now
And if you're looking you will find it Right About Now 2x


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Talib Kweli Lyrics
Talib Kweli Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD Lyrics

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