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The Queen And The Soldier Lyrics

Artist: Suzanne Vega
Album: Suzanne Vega

The soldier came knocking upon the queen's door
He said, "I am not fighting for you any more"
The queen knew she'd seen his face someplace before
And slowly she let him inside.

He said, "I've watched your palace up here on the hill
And I've wondered who's the woman for whom we all kill
But I am leaving tomorrow and you can do what you will
Only first I am asking you why."

Down in the long narrow hall he was led
Into her rooms with her tapestries red
And she never once took the crown from her head
She asked him there to sit down.

He said, "I see you now, and you are so very young
But I've seen more battles lost than I have battles won
And I've got this intuition, says it's all for your fun
And now will you tell me why?"

The young queen, she fixed him with an arrogant eye
She said, "You won't understand, and you may as well not try"
But her face was a child's, and he thought she would cry
But she closed herself up like a fan.

And she said, "I've swallowed a secret burning thread
It cuts me inside, and often I've bled"
He laid his hand then on top of her head
And he bowed her down to the ground.

"Tell me how hungry are you? How weak you must feel
As you are living here alone, and you are never revealed
But I won't march again on your battlefield"
And he took her to the window to see.

And the sun, it was gold, though the sky, it was gray
And she wanted more than she ever could say
But she knew how it frightened her, and she turned away
And would not look at his face again.

And he said, "I want to live as an honest man
To get all I deserve and to give all I can
And to love a young woman who I don't understand
Your highness, your ways are very strange."

But the crown, it had fallen, and she thought she would break
And she stood there, ashamed of the way her heart ached
She took him to the doorstep and she asked him to wait
She would only be a moment inside.

Out in the distance her order was heard
And the soldier was killed, still waiting for her word
And while the queen went on strangeling in the solitude she preferred
The battle continued on


by Jarhead_Cutie on 6/16/2008 3:43pm
i luv this song so much. it truley my favorite song in the whole world. b cuz wen i was a littler girl, my mom use 2 sing it 2 me and so everytime i listen 2 it now it makes me want 2 cry. not a lot of ppl i kno listen 2 u or have even heard of u but im glad i do and i will always tell them about u b cuz u have and amazing voice and deserve 2 b noticed by more ppl then a little 13yr old and her mom, i wish u best of luck always!! :) XOXO Jarhead_Cutie
by xD on 6/17/2008 6:20pm
by lisa on 7/21/2008 9:30am
so beautifull
by person on 9/15/2008 9:45pm
i love this song
by bennett, on 10/11/2008 4:38pm
i like this song, it's different, it's not like other songs about girl falls in love bla bla. the thing i love about Suzanne Vega is that she sings songs that are different, she writes them and sings them herself. and the lyrics are so interesting, and so well written. (:
by Iņu¹ :D on 11/25/2008 7:13am
i thonk this song is so beautiful but it is so tragedy....but nice....a hearth it whe i have a problems:D
by Ru on 11/27/2008 12:03pm
Great song, try listening to the version by Dervish, it is beautiful too.
by A fan on 1/23/2009 12:36pm
When I was a small boy I listened to this album on old noisy vinyl for years, not understanding a word due to my lack of English, but somehow I felt this deeply moving song had a heart wrenching meaning. Then, as I learned English and the words opened up the meaning behind the song I was astonished to find that the story matched my previous childhood visions to perfection. What an amazing artist! What an amazing song!
by alien on 3/24/2009 4:27am
this song has more deeper meaning than its story about a queen and a soldier for me. it is the battle i continued each day and never revealed. and the soldier who come to me.. well, i've killed many.
by amir-israel on 4/10/2009 11:41am
love it so much....
by Kaite, 15, Australia on 4/16/2009 3:59am
I love this song so much. Suzanne Vega is one of my favourite artists. I still can't believe the Queen did that to him.
by Mohamed-Egypt on 7/2/2009 7:10am
Just fantastics. Very nice and sad. Images used in the song are so accurate as well!
by Cadi on 7/21/2009 5:02am
Beautiful song. Take the time to listen to the version done by Grada too. Amazing!
by Listy Oxford on 7/30/2009 10:47am
It's such a beautiful song it doesn't need words. My boyfriend is appalled at the fact that I hardly ever listen to the words but just listen to the sounds of the music. When I did listen to the words then as A fan says above the words fit like no words could ever be these as they are.
by Hannah on 9/18/2009 2:49am
Suzanne is a Poet
by NoraMattek on 10/24/2009 1:43am
I sing this song to my little children at night.
by BiteMe on 5/10/2010 11:20am
by hannah s on 9/19/2010 9:56am
you're right, it's a beautiful song. i love it. it's difficult to sing this song, but if you manage it is really beautiful....<33
but imagine: it could really happened. maybe it happen really and we don't know it....:'-(
by queen on 11/15/2010 5:04pm
what is the deeper meaning of this song? need to write a 6 paragraoh essay on it, so needs to be deep! The one bit i dont quite understand- why does it say she is hungry, or "stangling in the solitude she preferred"? is it symbolism or does she actually comit suicide?/ please help lovely song :)
by jonas on 1/13/2011 10:48am
deep lyrics , amazing song.
i've knows the song for many years and still it gets me to tears.
thank u
by Philippe ANGLADE on 11/20/2013 3:37pm
Amazing song : all is here : the music, the lyrics with sadness and a kind of "no sorry" way Suzanne sing it...

As many of Suzanne's songs : a great, nice and feelings are here !

Suzanne Vega Lyrics
Suzanne Vega Suzanne Vega Lyrics

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