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4 Songs Lyrics

Artist: Superjoint Ritual
Album: Use Once And Destroy

God, my eyes were open casket smile
You were never liked at all, and I'm fucking glad you're gone
You would rip off, a pervert jackoff, big talk-no show
Broken back bone

You never looked better, dead and gone
I never felt better, you're dead and gone and...
I wish I would have done, what nature finished first
I'd done it with my hand, then left and shot myself

You never looked better, dead and gone
I never felt better, you're dead and gone and no more bother
I never lose sleep, I don't regret a thing
Believe me when I say, I'm fucking glad it's over

The praising of a higher hate
Don't doubt a fucking word

The darkest month, the darkest month is here
When you can't move so freely
Chill out, detox, rehab, clean out

I can't watch, I can't bear it
I just want to hang myself
Chill out, detox, rehab, clean out

I committed a felony, I never had much trouble before
First time offender

But I got put through the ringer
And my bank account shrunk a lot
They set an example, however
There's not a chance, no way through me

You've never forgiven, exploited in dirt, it bothers you, it tortures you
One more plight, left in life, shoot me dead, in the head
Catch me if you can...

Never touch me, never come near me
You're a punk, a bunch of words, not one percent
You're found out...if you were me, you'd be in luck
But you're not, so you suck

Show me a dollar, I'll show you no heart
Show me a heart, and I'll show you my eyes

Wrong inside

Given the inch, crippled a mile, the pull of the dragon, the pull of the drug
I can't see what the big fucking deal is?!
No repentance, no respect, blown up eyes, blown up skies!
I cann't see what the big fucking deal is?!
And I cannot wait till the love is a fuck...

Back to the world, the tourniquet knot is slipping apart
Bones left to pick, they radiate and splinter away


by Melios on 10/29/2013 1:07am
Fucking awesome Song!!!!

Brutal as Hell.

Superjoint Ritual Lyrics
Superjoint Ritual Use Once And Destroy Lyrics

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