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My Soul Lyrics

Artist: Suicide
Album: The Lost World

Look at you mother fuckin people dissin me cause im bad
I wish I woulda had a better life to fuckin live and its sad
I lost my soul to the world and I feel i'll never get it back
The only mother fuckin thing for me to do is just rap
But when I die im gunna laugh in the eyes of you people that made me cry
I feel im only on my way to hell because I lied
I got tied up in a relationship with a bitch that got me pissed
Just because I didnt trust in god and shit
That aint no reason to leave me and start suckin his dick
But you did and its over with i got another chick
I hope your ass rots in fuckin hell for what you did
If any part of me lives forever let it be my soul
If you believe in any part of me let it be my soul
The only part of me that believes in god is my soul
Diss every part of my body except my mother fuckin soul
Verse 2
Who needs to believe in stupid shit such as god
This is why, people have mother fuckin crazy minds
They feel if they do anything wrong that there gunna die
And go to hell, you mother fuckin people need the help cant ya tell
There aint a devil if there was i'd be with him alredy
If you were me, you would see how I feel just bet me
You mother fuckers dont hafta diss me for my beliefs
Its just the way I feel you dont hafta give me greef
If you got beef, take it to the motherfuckin streets
And we'll see, which mother fucker leaves with bloody teeth
Please dont tempt me
I really dont need to have you call the police on me
Verse 3
My thots as a child were pretty wacked ill admit
But shit, you christians dont hafta throw a fuckin fit
Everytime I say god, jesus, and the divil dont exist
I really dont see why it gets you pissed
Maybe I shuld say the fuck with everyone and leave
Get away from all my problems, and once again be free
Fuck that give me a knife tonight is the last night of my life
Someone give me a ride fuck it ill ride my bike
Wheres the best place in the world to commit suicide
I gotta lot of pride but this dike has pushed me too far
Fuck you all i dont care anymore, see ya tommorow
You can all stand over my grave and pray for the lord to come and take me away
Sorry fellas its too late they alredy closed the gates
To heaven so looks like im on my way to hell
Ima do what the fuck, I wanna do with myself
Chorus 2x


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