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Pop Goes The Pimple Lyrics

Artist: Sudden Death
Album: Dead Things Can Rap Too

(parody of "Pop Goes The Weasel" by 3rd Bass)

Pop goes the pop goes the oozin' of the pimple
The scar'll leave and artificial dimple
You got a face full of jelly like Smuckers
I should have started PUSS, People Underminding Squeezin' Suckers
So we can make it known that you're a disgrace
It's '91, son, so do somethin' about your face
Squirtin' glue out your face when goin' pop, pop pop
Pop goes the pimple has gotta stop, stop stop
Why not take your face by the section
Rip the skin off and kill your complexion
I guess it's the fact that you really like pushin'
What used to be a face is now a pin cushion
I got a clean face it doesn't have to be picked at
And I can tell you I got nothin' on my back
So to someone this may seem simple
But to someone else it's the invasion of the pimples, the pimples

Pop pop goes the pimple, the pimple
Pop pop goes the pimple, the pimple
Pop pop goes the pimple, the pimple
Pop goes the pimple 'cause the pimple goes pop (repeat)

Head flesh, turned into a red mess
The second you squeezed it and I know it ain't painless
But don't rely on skill that makes it spill in the sink
Let no one forget about the Clearasil
Now in '91 we got a lot of brands that lend a hand
Clearin' up whatever they can
Although the commercials are worse they won't leave any scars
And you face won't look like the planet Mars
Why do we get zits in one place
Appearin' in a structure that looks like a constellation
The Stridex gets put off until later
Then boom you get a face full of craters
Heed the warning when it spills you'd better clean it up
It splatterd so much to get it all you'll need a moop
Black and white heads together in the ripple
It's the pimple, it's the pimple, pop goes the pimple


You found another pimple then you squeezed it, you squeezed it
It splattered on the mirror then you squeezed it, you squeezed it
Found one you couldn't pop and so you teased it, you teased it
And now it hurts so bad that you appease it
Bustin' zits you got pus but not clearer
And hit the four corners of the mirror
Everyone from Germans, to kids named Herman
Doin' crazy damage to your upper epidermis
Frustrated so you wanna just gang bang
You ain't quick enough to catch up with the acne chain gang
You don't believe this, you got another huge cyst
You ever heard of a Dermatologist?
A spelunker on your face could give tours
Hey do, Devo Spice, rip your face, pop some of your
Go for your own, stay away from mine
Don't eat so much chocolate and maybe you'll find
When these go away you may not get so many more
Get in the car I'm gonna take you to a drug store
You got pimples that spread like cancer
Maybe plastic surgery is the answer
But burstin' is the fate that you've chosen
Blowin' up like a nuclear explosion
Keep squeezin' if you wanna be a cripple
No stoppin' 'cause pop goes the pimple



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