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Peg Lyrics

Artist: Steely Dan

I've seen your picture
Your name in lights above it
This is your big debut
It's like a dream come true
And when you smile for the camera
I know they're love it

I got your pin shot
I keep it with your letter
Done up in blueprint blue
It sure looks good on you
So won't you smile for the camera
I know I'll love you better

It will come back to you
It will come back to you
Then the shutter falls
You see it all in 3-D
It's your favorite foreign movie


by Jorge Mancilla on 12/28/2009 12:28pm
A good example of good radio music from the beginning of the 80s. It is always good to listen to it once after some time.
by Unca Robbie on 6/30/2010 10:28am
Should that be "I know they're gonna love it" and "I got your picture/I keep it with your letter"? If not, what the heck is a "pin shot"?
by mab on 7/19/2010 1:50pm
"Pin shot" = pin-up girl picture.
by throwbackgirl on 6/24/2011 8:19pm
I wish they would put the entire song on here, even if these lyrics are just repeated for the entire song.
by Michael on 11/4/2012 12:08am
I remember this song from way back, I used to think they were say'in,,, Pain, It will come back to you. Love this group!!

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