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Snich Killas Lyrics

Artist: Spice 1
Album: 1990 Sick

"Yeah, you know. Cause all I'm here to do is watch my ass. Know what
I'm sayin'? That ain't my dope, that's Chico's dope.
You know what I'm sayin'?
So what type of witness protection program you got for me?"

You keep tellin' all these coppers
I'm gonna hurt you 'till you bleed
All these niggas in my city, we put snitches six feet deep
Tattle-tellin' in the jail and niggas yellin' out your name
Tell them po-po all your business get you caught up in the game
Fuck these snitches!

Verse 1:
We got your partner in there since you was at the crime
That's how they get you to squeal, them motherfucker's lyin'
Nigga, stick with the program and you gonna be all right
But if you tell them I did it, I'm stickin' your ass tonight
They sayin' "six people saw ya" but I ain't sayin'
shit 'till I meet with my lawyer
Blowin' smoke up my ass cause if I have to blast
I'm mobbin' the fuck out tha murder scene with the hockey mask
Lookin' like Jason while them cops is chasin' me
Behind the wheel buckin', facin' L-I-F-E
Hittin' corners bailin', fish tailin' to the left
I heard the motherfuckin' blast shatter out the back
They wanna screw me, do me and have me fucked up
Put a young G in the system and have me sucked up
In the prison block but I ain't goin' there
So if you tell on me nigga, you be my hoe in there
See I do dirt all up on my lonely cause niggas phoney
Givin' up the info on murders and snitchin' on they homies
Puttin' lead up in these loud mouth bitch niggas
So say what up to the motherfuckin' snitch killa


Verse 2:
See, where I'm from motherfuckas live and let die
Snitch killa, the real nigga S-P-I
I'm droppin' shells on a bitch
See they do a lick with a nigga and get him tellin' and shit
I can't stand it when a nigga think he sick in the game
Tell everybody who be gafflin' for some bitches and fame
I'm gonna blast in the window, indo jack
Got me puttin' snitches up on they motherfuckin' back
Puttin' hollow up in your head, runnin' in your home
Leave these motherfuckers sleepin' with their house lights on
Finna kill this snitch ass nigga before my homie go to court
We tied him to the back of a motherfuckin' super sport
Doin' donuts with his ass tied to the back of the car
Bringin' them terror, the burier, coffin carrier
See niggas die when they testify
You better get your punk ass up there and straight lie
They caught your ass up in the hooptie with 3 ki's
Now you out on bail and all you gave 'em was 2 g's
You ain't playin' nobody, go get your vest nigga
Be on the look out for the motherfuckin' snitch killa


"Like I was sayin' mister ociffer. You know what I'm
sayin'? I can tell you
where he keep his dope. I can tell you where he stay.
I can tell you where
he get his braids done."

Verse 3:
Niggas be talkin' upon that straight killa
He ain't in jail cause he snitched on that other nigga
Now his freedom is gone and you can count on it
If you ever in Quentin you gonna be tagged snitch
They gonna have to seperate the men from the women
A lot of snitches in the pen turn straight feminine
and get they ass took
See, only real niggas slide with us
You gonna be snitchin' motherfucker you can't ride with us
Because we sure to do some heavily incriminating shit
Like pullin' licks and pushin' chickens for the fuck of it
Ain't no tellin' in my crew cause everybody guilty of somethin'
That's why we wound up, we all dumpin'
And the nigga who don't blast, he get sucked and swallowed
Threw out the hooptie when it's still rollin'
He ain't dead yet but if he tattle on a nigga
He gotta tangle with this motherfuckin' snitch killa


"Ok now mister ociffer, now what it gonna be? You know
what I'm sayin'?
I gotta get up on outta here, know what I'm sayin. I
need a house in the Bahamas,
you know what I'm sayin', you know I got two kids. You
know I just wanna be
protected in this motherfucker. You know what I'm
sayin'? Can I get this on
paper? It's like I was just tryin' to watch my ass.
You know what I'm sayin',
like I was safe."
"Shit! Damn! I just wanna be protected in this
motherfucker. Shit! I didn't
do it, Spice did everything."


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