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Immortalized Lyrics

Artist: Spice 1
Album: Immortalized

Worldwide immortalized
Immortalized worldwide
Worldwide immortalized
Worldwide worldwide immortalized

Worldwide immortalized
Smokin endo with my killaz we ride
Heat on the side
Hella drama niggaz die
In crossfire can't let em slide
See the rigormortis set in his eyes
Nigga surprise
You was dumped on by some G'z on the rise
It shocked yo ass when I pulled out the chrome
I was putting niggaz in the tank before this rap shit came along
Immortalized through this thug shit that niggas are spittin
A chocolate philly a bag of sticky green and a game to spit
We on the mash
Put a slug in niggas stoppin my cash
Mothafuckas wanna see me 6 feet in the grave
Thinking I won't last
But I'm a soldier I told you bitches know what the fuck
The only way I'm fallin is slippin on one of you nigga's blood
I'm in this shit for life and when my casket drop
Then my thug presence be immortalized like Biggie and Pac
Hear my shit thump in nigga's trunks for blocks and blocks
Immortal thug shit'll never stop

Chorus x2
I can't believe je-a-jealous niggas don't wanna se-e-see me rise
Thuggin in the caddy the-they got me thu-a-thuggin worldwide
Eternal mobbin immortalized worldwide

One thug to the niggaz like eazy-e soldiers who put a dent in the game
It ain't the same
candy coated niggaz claiming the fame
(????) my brain
This thug shit'll drive a nigga insane
Diamond links and chains
With infra red we aim
Niggas loced up for the cash when the real G'z came
Thu-a-thuggin laced up in my veins
I can't be changed
Immortalized like dead presidents with they faces on rocks
Ebonic sleazy is the language for the game that we chop
Green leaves
Canibus satives and kryss style
50 Gs making niggaz bleed with pistols
Put it down
Cuz it ain't no time for fuckin around
If a nigga wants to see 6 figures enough no less we platinum bound
Remember me the man with the 50 cal in my hand
Coming more savage than Tarzan
Hear what I'm saying
Niggas picking up on my casket but I ain't sweatin you haters
Cause if it wasn't for bitch ass niggas it wouldnt be real players
Represent to the fullest at the same time dodging bullets
This mob shit ain't easy nigga but somebody got to do it

Chorus x2

Never die just multiply
Thug niggas immortalized
Energize like them batteries
Caught up in the mob life
Niggaz be talking that crazy shit when they don't know what the fuck they sayin
Making money off rap music when you was in elementary playin
It's all real
Shoot back at niggas shooting to kill
Well if its fuck my life its fuck yo life go to war with steel
If you niggas ain't feeling me fuck yo clique and yo hood
It's Bossalini straight soldier never went Hollywood
Always riding through the streets hitting corners with felons
In a bucket or a benzo when we blast it ain't no tellin
It's west side till my life expire
Mobb music till the wheels fall off mothafucker we all ride
Put the fire to the endo sip on the Henn
Cause you will never see a bad guy like this one again
Put it on you niggas with no mask on
Straight smash if it wasn't for rappin I'd be jackin gettin my blast on

Chorus x4


by yung ant Funky Town Tx. 817 on 11/25/2008 6:29pm
the reallis shit he eva wrote came from this ablum

Spice 1 Lyrics
Spice 1 Immortalized Lyrics

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