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Fucked in the Game Lyrics

Artist: Spice 1
Album: Spice 1

[ VERSE 1 ]
Murder, murder, murder muthafuckas
Yeah, I'm short, but my boys cause ruckus
It's the nigga that's icey like a popsicle
It's like the jail when it comes to clockin every nickel
You want static with the Fac, bring that ass on
Tec-9 to the dome, nigga, live in traum'
I gotta get on the muthafuckin grind
Find a spot in the bushes for my nine
Cause niggas don't sleep on the spot
And if you do, you be the first to get got
So don't get caught on the slip
Pack a double m or a pistol grip
Robbin muthafuckas to stay alive
Cause in the ghetto only the strong survive
And O.G.'s, they can tell when the task hit
New jacks try to run and get they ass split
And a nine ain't shootin blanks
It's the cop who had a fucked up day and a little drink
Get a thrill for a kill, a trigger to a nigga
The feel of the black steel make him quiver
I got love for my jammie, it's a damn shame
But I ain't the one to get fucked in the game

Fucked in the game

[ VERSE 2 ]
A to the muthafuckin Z
So close your eyes, grip your dick and count to three
If my dome is tried to fuck
I drag your ass through a alley and chop you up
I ain't takin no shorts, gee
I kill your dog and your baby and your muthafuckin family
Let Spice hold the double m
I fuck around and go nuts and shoot up her and him
Cause it ain't no thang to let my dick hang
Gunshot bang, had to fuck him up, mayn
So now I'm watchin every nigga with a hawk eye
Put on a wig just like them homies doin walk-by
I think I need to see the Wiz cause I'm heartless
Leave a lotta muthafuckas headless
Leave a nigga brains pulsatin in his lap
You get a hole in your chest without the vest
It's like Messy Marvin, leave a mess
Another black-ass nigga with a glock in his drawers
Gettin paid off the muthafuckin ashpalt
So if you wanna step to a nigga though
I'm pluggin muthafuckas up like a stereo
I got love for my jammie, it's a damn shame
But I ain't the one to get fucked in the game

Fucked in the game

I ain't the one

[ VERSE 3 ]
Boom-boom to the head, now your body numb
Put a hot one up in that ass, that's where I'm comin from
12 o'clock at night, nigga, up in the cut
Slingin caine and twump sacks, so what the fuck?
Livin like a muthafuckin sewer rat
Put away the nine, got a newer gat
Put the beam on a muthafucka fo'head
Emptied up the goddamn clip and left mo' dead
4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Got 5 caps left, 5 niggas got 8
To the dome, to the muthafuckin dome
Duck quick as fuck when I reach for the chrome
I got the vest, I got the vest
But he didn't get to it 'fore the slug hit his chest
Smokin muthafuckas up like doja
A nigga that's crazy and dyin to explode ya
187 up in the house, can you fuck with it?
It's like a car that crashed, so buckle up with it
Hot bullets make a nigga fry
A good night for a muthafuckin walk-by
Like BBD give me the gat and I'ma do ya
Like a hooker on a Saturday night I'm quick to screw ya
Cause you the pussy waitin to get fucked by the fucker
Servin lemonheads to the cluckers
I got love for my jammie, it's a damn shame
But I ain't the one to get fucked in the game

Fucked in the game

All y'all niggas out there in the muthafuckin spot
Y'all better watch y'all back
Niggas ain't bullshittin in '92
Put a hole in your chest without the vest


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