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Trilogy Lyrics

Artist: Souls Of Mischief
Album: Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution

Eighteen when a redneck sendin me deaththreats
Cuz his niece fantasize about wet sex when I'm in her headsets
She throw caution to the wind
They want to put my third eye in the crosshairs and then
Let rounds off
But see life is a gamble
I stay on my toes like (Ben Vereen?)
And I seen plenty scandals (everyday)
You sound soft when you speakin'
You need ammo to turn Rambo you's a weekend warrior
Oakland California will eat you alive
That shit is weak you can try, you'll get slammed joe
You get your hands broke swingin' on the man of steel
You was butt early this morning now you kryptonite
Mass appeal in the battlefield I had you killed
You get lit up right in front of your buildin'
For tellin' lies to children and sellin' homicide
Come and get some real killers who won't let you walk on by
Or that drama slide
Man get ostracized
Daughter cries cuz her father dies before her eyes
Watch what you talkin' or you might see the same demise
Dangerous times this ain't them kill rhymes

We from a place that make you want to leave your gold home
Dangerous like the hole that's up in the ozone
We be smokin' on that killer Cali homegrown
So strong, out of town chicks can't keep their clothes on

Now we ener-getic kopa-setic never static fully automatic
Very well rounded English boundless
Classic spastic catch and try to grasp it with
Massive missives hit from drastic distance
Graceful swiftness spatially senseless
Music enthusiasts
Danger seekin'
Dramatic dynamic action addict
My rhymes are flame filled expedience game
Real experience
Flashburn MCs with thermal radiation
Feel the ill change the command we aim
To expand these parameters
Phes-Delta, pencil beam ya rap amateurs
Surface to surface, inertial guidance
Throw your pilot
Send 'em all back to the flow asylum
Soul annoyed street sweep the (D E is?) a minefield
For rhyme skill
I travel in shockwaves and spine chills

Oakland Cali is a warzone
Evereyday is gettin' harder as it goes on
Souls, stick together like pros on
Then we puff a cortisone and get our flows on
In a place that make you want to leave your gold home
Dangerous like the hole that's up in the ozone
We be smokin' on that killer Cali homegrown
So strong, out of town chicks can't keep their clothes on

Yo, yo
I'm already smashin' in a steady fashion
One day I'll get a (fetty?) mansion I'm ready for action
Without any distraction
Chillin' with homies and some women feelin lonely
No one dependin' on me henny sippin' slowly
Through your dough off that buddha smoke
Drinkin' a beautiful
Tell you only if it's for you to know
We arisin' and soon to blow
And the timin' is suitable
But I wonder what these niggas be fightin' and feudin' fo
We do a show
And the price would not fall
And if a fight started off I slice like Darth Maul
No diversion can deter the surgeon operatin'
Exert & (be served?) if you don't stop the hatin'
It's bad business like a virgin copulatin'
Wired up with the coppers waitin'
Without a condom and she ovulatin'
I'm Eddy Haskell
Ready to deal with any asshole
Without any hassle, ha ha

Fuck a backstabbin' snake
Slick, you's a snake
Who tried to penetrate the clique, you sick
I'm serious about this rap shit
We serious about this rap shit
We give a fuck about these hos that jock
A rolex watch
And give up the twat
For some stones and rocks
If you bulletproof vested & holdin' a glock
Keep that shit to yourself man you sound like a narc.


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Souls Of Mischief Lyrics
Souls Of Mischief Trilogy: Conflict, Climax, Resolution Lyrics

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