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New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84) Lyrics

Artist: Simple Minds
Album: Live in the City of Light

New Gold Dream
She is the one in front of me, the siren and the ecstasy
New Gold Dream
Crashing beats and fantasy, setting sun in front of me
New Gold Dream
And the world goes hot
And the cities take
And the beat goes crashing
All along the way

She is your friend until the ocean breaks
And when you dream, dream in the dream with me
And when you dream, dream in the dream with me
81 - 82 - 83 - 84
81 - 82 - 83 - 84

New Gold Dream
Sun is set in front of me, worldwide on the widest screen
New Gold Dream
Burning bridge and ecstasy, crashing beats and fantasy
Dream in the dream with
And the world goes hot
And the cities take
And the beat goes crashing
All along the way

She is your only friend until the ocean breaks

And when you dream, dream in the dream with me
And when we dream, dream in the dream with me
81 - 82 - 83 - 84
81 - 82 - 83 - 84

New Gold Dream
The siren and the ecstasy, she's the one in front of me
New Gold Dream

Words & Music : Simple Minds (C) EMI Publishing Ltd Reproduced without permission


by Mary O Sullivan on 12/12/2008 2:38pm
Best song evah!
by JImmi on 2/16/2009 4:21am
Nothing more, Nothing less!
by West on 3/1/2009 4:42pm
Hear Hear
by Dazmaran on 6/12/2009 12:33am
Fantastic track.Sampled by USURA for the club classic "Open your mind"
by serra on 2/7/2010 2:34pm
by Heather on 6/21/2010 9:16am
Love this song!!!!!!
by GABRIEL on 7/6/2010 11:42am
by Drill on 2/1/2011 2:10am
this makes me dancing like hell! God I miss the 80s!
by Simon on 2/5/2011 3:01pm
No idea what this song is about. First heard it on the Live Album (City of Light). Love it, but don't really know why!
by Nacho on 11/25/2011 6:01pm
Simon, because of the crashing beat and fantasy :P

Excelent song!
by John M on 12/17/2011 2:49pm
Got to be one of the greatest songs of the 80's!!!
by lisa shaw on 12/22/2011 11:40pm
The song is about a new relationship, a new girl, and new dream, its so new is perfect like gold, it's a new gold dream...she's his new siren, his new ecstasy, all his fantasies...the world is alive with the sun in front of him, he's telling her when she dreams, dream him in the dream with her, ...but the city always takes, it gets hot on the streets out there, the fantasy, the relationship goes crashing down, she was his friend until the bitter end when the ocean breaks...
by Gaz7126 on 4/24/2012 5:16am
Heard this at the start of Informers film recently - couldn't quite put my finger on the voice tho'. Liked so much I checked the credits at the end to find its name and artist. At 42 I should have remembered it - but then again I was a Heavy Metal fan back at the start of the 80's :)
by Bullfrogo on 6/26/2012 7:06pm
Perfect time pecfect song....
Roya plus John
by Lacey G on 12/22/2012 8:39pm

Classic song, Simple Minds are pure magic live with a distinctive sound that always keeps its energy !
by Lolo on 12/29/2012 11:04am
Que de souvenirs
by Gus on 7/23/2013 12:04am
Stellar song! Underrated song by an underrated band. Good stuff.
by Simon Miller on 8/2/2013 12:35pm
I agree with Mary O Sullivan :)
by Vincent on 9/12/2013 4:35am
The best
by ANDY 37 on 4/7/2014 11:52am
For me its the Best song the Mind ever made. First herd it live at the Barrowlands 1983, magic...!!!

For Simon RIP mate
by Dan Sardanescu on 5/22/2014 4:26am
Fabulous,fabulous,fabulous song !!!
by Sandy. on 6/11/2014 4:00am
A true classic. I had a couple of New Gold Dreams in the 80's. Ended up marrying the last one. Lol. A legendary song. I love you Simple Minds.
by Sar on 8/14/2014 7:26am
A master piece and not Simple Minds only one. I will never tire of this song...fantastic
by Neil Galloway on 11/1/2014 9:27pm
Happy days , walking in a club and hearing this made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Outstanding.
by Louise on 4/22/2015 3:33pm
Saw them last night in Cambridge. Still magic after hearing this song live more than 30 years ago.
by John on 6/21/2015 1:46pm
Lisa, you're great !
by Craig from Aberdeen on 12/18/2015 2:10am
One of my favourites. First heard it at Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh back in '89! Awesome live. Still well into the Minds now!
by Vincent McNally on 1/20/2016 1:49pm
Great song, but disappointed with it on Live in The City of Light album, I don't think they used the keyboard at that concert, still a great song on that album though!
by Navster on 2/21/2016 2:04am
Stands the test of time. Truly awe inspiring.Some of the extended remixes are even better. No wonder it got sampled so many times
by Andy Pizza on 3/23/2016 2:31pm
At the time I thought the song was "OK" and I preferred the later Simple Minds tracks. Then a couple of months ago I got Spotify and I can't stop listening to this track, truly brilliant, timeless. Love Song is darn good too. The older I get, the more I like their earlier stuff.
by Jeff Hendren on 3/27/2016 3:10am
It's tgeir best run at a Doors style stream of conscious style type psychedelic song. If it was the 60's and they were in California, they'd have written Break On Through. But it wasn't and they weren't, and we got this.
by Alan Mcguire on 5/12/2016 9:02am
Been into the minds since the beginning in 1979. They became the soundtrack to the 80s in my hometown Edinburgh. Lots of brilliant tracks of lots of brilliant albums. But this track still has that something about it. In my all time top 5.

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