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Telefone (long Distance Love Affair) Lyrics

Artist: Sheena Easton

I've been away from you for far too long
Too much chances make my heart go frantic
I wanna tell you what's been goin' on,
operator give me Trans Atlantic
I sit alone as the night goes by
Stare at the phone and wait for your reply

Long long distance love affair, I can't find you anywhere
I call you on the telefone, but you're never home
I gotta get a message to you, I wanna tell you what I'm going through
What in the world's comin' over you

How come you're acting like a total stranger
I try to reach you but I can't get through
I got this feeling that my heart's in danger
I got your letter it was perfectly clear
Havin' a ball, and wishin' you are here


Premonition is a funny thing, a familiar kind of pain and easy
Like knowin' when the phone is gonna ring
Too many times and it'll drive you crazy
I hear your echo in the longer hall
Call out your name, but no-one's there at all

Long long distance love affair, I can't find you anywhere
I call you on the telefone, but you're never home

(repeats out)


by Slykitty on 7/8/2008 11:15pm
Just listened to this on Sirius. Haven't heard this song in ages. Been so long I couldn't recall all the lyrics to it. So I had to look em' up...Loved it!
by Idon'tthinkso on 6/7/2010 8:05pm
Upon listening to this song while reading the lyrics...
Corrections: too much absence makes my heart grow frantic. Also, premonition is a funny thing, unfamiliar - kind of vague and hazy. Oh, and I hear you echoing along the hall.
Really makes more sense when you think about it. Great forgotten song!
by nativity meld macunat on 2/15/2011 2:08am
hayy...that's my fave song coz that's my song dance at my field demo at GRADE 3 FIELD DEMONSTRATION AND FAMILY DAY!!!!!!
by maevin on 8/29/2011 8:16am
long distance love affair is very difficult relationship

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