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Buy Me An Orangutan Lyrics

Artist: Scapegoat
Album: Zombie Dog

This is the last song
In which I fester my anger
I've been down that road
More than I can remember
My lifetimes have been countless
I'm a mouse in a wheel who's assumed he's been boundless
I've got a Wii, a 360, a PSP
And I'm still so unhappy
What will it take to break through the fake
Consumeristic ways that have lead to our heartache

We're chasing false ideals
We're bred to think are right
We're running in the wheel
The wheel of black and white
Shades of grey, I'm dying to see
In an engine that's ran off of duality
It's cowboys
And Indians
It's batman
And bad guy
We're fucked

We're fucking so pathetic
We must be monkeys

Yea that's right put on those dancing shoes
Like you did your water wings
Now break it down
From the two step to the chugga-chugg-chugg
To the part after this one
To the part after that one

We're all one in the same

Aliens up high
Saucers in the sky
New wave, new age
A new day to turn the page

Why all the secrecy?
I wanna know what monsters lurk the beds above our heads
(The boogey man is dead)
Yea hey
Dismiss conspiracy
Dismiss everything
Everything is but a dream
So dream
Yea dream
The American dream
The American screams

Oh God, I'm fuckin so pissed off
I've worked this dream for a decade and I'm still not paid
Yea fuck you, who say I do it for the money
I can't even afford bread, butter, and honey
I'm fuckin hungry for riches
Hungry for fans
Hungry for love
And a better fucking band
So hate me now that I've spilled you my heart
Since I've ripped up my dream and I've torn it apart

Now I can be what you already hate
now I can be what you already hate
I've blown out my brains and I've dug my own grave
This song is the truth of to which I'm a slave
Drop us now, better now than be later
Same sad song, same stupid player hater
All you bitches I just called out the shitter
Band of the month meets the new pinch hitter
This song is a joke and the ball's out the park
Cats out the bag, dog's barked its bark
Desktop is dying, can't even record
I need a new drive of which I cannot afford
I could carry on, but you'd get so bored
Fuck you again, I'm so fuckin floored


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