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Edge Of Thorns Lyrics

Artist: Savatage
Album: Edge Of Thorns

An offering of reasons
We put them all away
A covering of treasons
That one by one we let slip away

A solitary dancer
So lost upon her stage

I have seen you on the edge of dawn
Felt you there before you were born
Balanced your dreams upon the edge of thorns
But I don't think about you anymore

A study made of winter
Of summers long ago
And dreams that use to glitter
Safely now hidden under snow

And so we end this chapter
And let the stage lights fade

I have seen you on the edge of dawn
Felt you there before you were born
Balanced your dreams upon the edge of thorns
But I don't think about you anymore


by Forsaken on 11/30/2008 10:49am
Oh God
What I have done
I fucking love this song
by naz naz on 12/13/2008 2:05pm
a very very veryyyy gr8 song,,,i just LUV it
by Thrasher on 2/9/2009 7:01am
this is the song that let me enter the metal music world ... i cant have enough of hearing it (^_^)
by Keith P Miller on 3/14/2009 6:28pm
The greatest Metal song ever. Period.
by Robstar on 8/8/2009 4:21pm
still after all these years one bad ass song
by tujtijateur on 8/27/2009 2:46am
by julie on 9/10/2009 7:03am
I think about you ZAC don't worry
by tijtijateur on 9/13/2009 9:00am
Greeaat song
Savatage rock :D
by DEVA on 10/24/2009 2:28pm's the most ever fabulous song of savatage am crazy about it & me as well as my metal band like it so much......everyone has to hear it
by Savage on 1/3/2010 1:06pm
Savatage is amazing, and imho this is their best track.
by Alen on 2/22/2010 3:31am
Kickass stuff!
by Mitchell Rhoades on 2/28/2010 11:30am
Amazing band, amazing song.
by Osman on 3/6/2010 3:42am
Sikerim sizi cCC
by khalid on 5/29/2010 7:32am
Really Really EPIC!.
by Salem on 8/26/2010 10:20pm
by corhoc on 9/26/2010 5:49am
Great song, great band, great period for real music...
by Sam on 12/2/2010 8:32pm

This is my favorite song, point blank.
Savatage is the best metal band.
by samah samir on 4/27/2011 9:24am
real good song very effictive i like so much cant get bored of it
by Demon on 6/17/2011 2:05pm
i like savatage
by y2k on 7/2/2011 6:38pm
This song rules...
by Major on 10/12/2011 1:48pm
Such an emotional song! Not to mention the killer riff and solo half way through the song. Savatage rules the metal world even though they never achieved the popularity other bands did.
by The Neon Knight on 11/19/2011 8:18am
This song is so beutiful yet powerful at the same time that it boggles the mind,and believe me when I say that the "Edge of Thorns" album couldn't have been a better swan swong for Criss Oliva,a tremendously underrated guitar player and songwriter who will surely be missed.
I am not religious or anything like that,but I like to think that,somewhere,Criss has been reunited whith his wife Dawn (R.I.P.),and both are happy again,rejoicinig with the likes of Ronnie James Dio and Randy Rhoads... And while I certainly know that what I'm saying is really cheesy and completely ridiculous,well,let's just say that a man has the right to dream.
by Mary on 9/19/2013 3:18pm
Just heard this song for the first time....LOVE IT!!!!
by Micke on 12/15/2013 3:52am
Best song ever!!!!!

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Savatage Edge Of Thorns Lyrics

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