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Artist: Robert Palmer
Album: Clues

(Robert Palmer)

Johnnys always running around
Trying to find certainty
He needs all the world to confirm
That he aint lonely
Mary counts the walls
Knows he tires easily

Johnny thinks the world would be right
If it could buy truth from him
Mary says he changes his mind more than a woman
But she made her bed
Even when the chance was slim

Johnny says hes willing to learn
When he decides hes a fool
Johnny says hell live anywhere
When he earns time to
Mary combs her hair
Says she should be used to it
Mary always hedges her bets
She never knows what to think
She says that he still acts
Like he is being discovered
Scared that hell be caught
Without a second thought
Running around

Johnny feels hes wasting his breath
Trying to talk sense to her
Mary says hes lacking a real
Sense of proportion
So she combs her hair
Knows he tires easily

Johnny's always running around
Trying to find certainty
He needs all the world to confirm
That he ain't lonely
Mary counts the walls
Says she should be used to it

Johnnys always running around
Running around


by E.K.Bensah on 5/16/2008 5:55am
great song! About an adulterer and his wife, I wonder?
by mvasich on 10/11/2008 11:45pm
No sweetie, in my opinion: it's about a young guy, who has some success, and she is with him. He is afraid "he won't have a second thought" and won't maintain it. She stays steady for him, he is frenetic, can't share the truth with the world. His running around isn't female oriented though.
by Antony on 4/22/2011 8:32pm
‘mvasich’ is right, but a million songs deal with the perils of fame and fortune. This is about human frailty. It is about the myriad ways vanity corrodes love. The price Johnny will pay for continually looking in the wrong place for what he needs will be Mary herself in time. Mary knows this (women do), but for now the pull of what each answers in the other is too strong. Ultimately we have a sense of Mary’s pragmatism ensuring her survival, albeit alone of the two in all likelihood. I love this song. It’s just so terribly, terribly sad.

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