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I'm Gonna Be A Monkey Lyrics

Artist: Ren & Stimpy
Album: You Eediot!

Ren: O.K. Stimpy, it's time for your evolving lessons.
Stimpy: Oh rapture!!
They swing by their tales with
the greatest of ease
Those hairy mammals we
call monkeys
They have so much fun
Just living in trees
Oh, how I'd love to be one
of these...
I'm gonna be a monkey.
A monkey monkey monkey
A monkey monkey monkey
Monkey monkey monkey
I'm gonna be a monkey.
A monkey monkey monkey
Would you like to be one too?
When one monkey's itchy
another is nice.
He picks at his back for
vermin and lice.
And if he gets hungry, he'll
pour on some spice
And eat the bugs without
thinking twice
Mmmmmm... Mm. Delicious.
(repeat chorus)
Ren: O.K. If you wanna be a monkey you gotta learn to act like a monkey.
And I got the know-how 'cause I've seen every Tarzan movie ever made. So watch
and learn.
(Filthy's Dance plays as Ren says...)
Ren: Now note the ease with which I swing so nimbly hither and yon.
Witness as I perform an amazing double somersault & catch myself with my
perhensile tail.
Oh no... (scream!!)
Stimpy: Oh, I get the idea!
(Jungle Boogie plays as Stimpy says...)
Stimpy: Uh oh (scream!)
(back to Monkey Song)
Stimpy: (Singing)
Now I am a monkey
A monkey monkey monkey
Ren: (Singing)
And I am a monkey too.


by john on 5/25/2008 11:21am
rofl, its a funny song

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