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Sir Psycho Sexy Lyrics

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
Album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik

A long, long, long, long time ago
Before the wind, before the snow
Lived a man, lived a man I know
Lived a freak of nature named Sir Psycho

Sir Psycho Sexy that is me
Sometimes I find I need to scream

He's a freak of nature
But we love him so
He's a freak of nature
But we let him go

Deep inside the garden of Eden
Standing there with my hard on bleedin'
Theres a devil in my dick and some demons in my semen
Good God no that would be treason
Believe me Eve she gave good reason
Botty looking too good not to be squeezin'
Creamy beaver hotter than a fever
I'm a givin' 'cause she's the reciever
I won't and I don't hang up until I please her
Makin' her feel like an over achiever
I take it away for a minute just to tease her
Then I give it back a little bit deeper

Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he's the man that I met 1 time
Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he's the man that left me blind
Sir Psycho Sir Psycho yea he's the man he's the man he's
the man (chorus)

He's a freak of nature
But we love him so
He's a freak of nature
But we let him go

I got stopped by a lady cop
In my automobile
She said get out and spead your legs
And then she tried to cop a feel
That cop she was all dressed in blue
Was she pretty? Boy I'm tellin' you
She stuck my butt with her big black stick
I said "what's up?" now suck my dick
Like a ram getting ready to jam the lamb
She whimpered just a little when she felt my hand
On her crotch so very warm
I could feel her getting wet through her uniform
Proppin' her up on the black and white
Unzipped and slipped "ooo that's tight"
I swatted her like no swat team can
Turned a cherry pie right into jam


Hello young woman that I love
Pretty punk rock mamma that I'm thinking of
Hold me naked if you will
In your arms in your legs in your pussy I'd kill
To be with you, to kiss with you, I do miss you
I love you

Lay me down...
Descending waves of graceful pleasure
For your love there is no measure
Her curves they bend with subtle splendor

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the funk will make me freak
If I should die before I waked
Allow me Lord to rock out naked
Bored by the ordinary time to take a trip
Calling up a little girl with a bull whip
Lickety split go snap "snap"
Girl gettin' off all in my lap
The tallest tree the sweetest sap
Blowin' my ass right off the map
Ooo and it's nice out here
I think I'll stay for a while


by Alastair on 5/22/2008 5:32pm
Never in my life have I heard anything remotely like this. It's truly something only a rock n' roll sexpert like Anthony Kiedis could write. Someday, I'll be like him. Someday...
by GBO on 5/30/2008 4:26pm
ha this song is hillarious
by rhcp on 6/15/2008 11:35am
this song is truely amazing and funny
by likes to spoon on 6/21/2008 3:26am
best song about having se with a cop in the street ive heard in a long time
by Sir psycho on 7/2/2008 1:26pm
every RHCP song is amazing!
by Californication on 7/3/2008 4:32am
ottima direi
by hahaaa on 7/24/2008 8:08pm
only anthony
by Eks on 7/30/2008 12:07am
Yeah, only Anthony Kiedis.
by aRUM on 8/23/2008 9:25pm
Fuck yeah
by ivo stefan on 8/30/2008 11:00am
i agree with you alastair,anthony is a true poet,a genius inspired by his life,simply one of the greatest!
by cakes on 8/31/2008 2:22pm
they're the best of the best, those chili peppers
by why do u need 2 know. on 9/22/2008 4:09pm
wow no wonder the album was warned for explict content. haha
by me on 9/27/2008 8:42am
by =] on 9/29/2008 4:02pm
Only the RHCP could pull off a song like this.
Honestly, the greatest band ever in my opinion.
by Snophh on 9/29/2008 9:13pm
This song... is fucking great and hilarious lol
and this is why i love the RHCP
looking at the lyrics and seeing it all together makes it even better
by Zygar on 10/1/2008 9:56pm
This song is the funniest shit ever in Rock Band, entire phrases have been removed.

I got stopped by a lady cop
In my automobile
by ME on 10/2/2008 5:07pm
The best band in the world...
by Sir Psycho Sexy on 10/2/2008 5:47pm
Holy Shit
by me on 10/5/2008 1:53pm
by Nicky Miller on 10/8/2008 10:16am
Oh, Beck and Kiedis.. Poetic fluidity like this just isn't human.
by talia on 10/29/2008 3:28am
a to the mazing !!!!
who else could come up with such sexual poetry that flows so well....
by Dog on 11/2/2008 10:20am
Doesn't anyone recognise the last verse

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the funk will make me freak
If I should die before I waked
Allow me Lord to rock out naked

So makes me think of Metallica's

Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take
by evan on 11/6/2008 3:54pm
well the metallica one is a common prayer in the catholic religion the chili pepper one is a twist on that
by to Dog on 11/8/2008 9:48am
Now I lay me down to sleep is a classic children's prayer from the 18th century... Not Metallica
by EFG on 11/10/2008 2:33am
sir "DOG" writing above me....

thats not FROM metallica.... its a christian children's prayer... LMAO
metallica put it in their song to be creepy, and Anthony put it there to turn the prayer from a blessing of safety to a blessing of sexual preformance.

by kattl on 12/3/2008 7:36pm
all metal aside, this is simply the tender lullabye that lies in the heart of every man...

i used to suck my thumb to it,
long before anthony was born...

it has always been my simple goal,
to rock out naked.

it's god's fault.
by That RHCP chick on 12/5/2008 7:47am
That is a fucking awesome song. I never heard more vulgar lyrics even in a rap song, I love it, you wouldn't think of these guys to be sp brazen and fucking AWESOME!
by Rhcpphil on 12/5/2008 9:20pm
Here's something crazy both entter sandman n this song were written around the same time great minds think alike even though anthonys is way better n the chili peppers r the better band neway love this song lyrics n all the bass is so funky flea really utalizes the envelope filter in this one love to play it on my own bass
by ftw on 1/5/2009 5:09pm
great lyrics, one of my favorite rhcp songs :)
by Skizzers. on 1/14/2009 12:44am
*pelvic thrusts*

by JOE MOMMA135 on 1/22/2009 10:32pm
ohhh geez
to whoever said "your all going to hell" seriously chill the FUCK out your not going to enjoy life being s tight-up ass
im sure someone will back me up on this but some people, dot dot dot bahaha
andi loooove the song too just stoped by to get these lyrics on my ipod bahaha and i heard about it in rockband (which i love btw) and thered be SO much gond hsha
"Theres a devil in my dick and some demons in my semen"
by Riles on 1/24/2009 5:12pm
makes me want a wah pedal
i love it!
by Hehehe on 1/27/2009 8:49pm
I love this song. It is awesome. Nothing else to add to previous comments.
by Sir Psycho Sexy on 1/28/2009 9:00am
this is my favorite song
by JOHN on 2/14/2009 2:00pm
The metallica single was released on July 29, 1991, two weeks before the release of Metallica, the album.
Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded this song may-june in 1991, so it seems crazy if anothony would have stolen this part from metallica..and of course, it's some religious shoit. pwnd
by ooo thats tight on 2/25/2009 5:04pm
this song is amazing how the instruments mix with soo good with the amazing vocals and funny ass lyrics
by testosterosa on 3/9/2009 2:30pm
this song came out when i was in my early 20s and completely stoned on testosterone--- it is absolutely the best song i have ever heard to represent the little voice in the mind of a man-- even a nice guy has to put up with this constant perverted monologue--- don't get me wrong, it's natural and totally awesome, but it is hard for non-males to understand---- and of course, there is the sweet release and the afterglow as the song fades out with a few minutes of a softer, easy going groove---- ah, testosterone and the sweet relief from it!!!!!
by Maxtar on 3/23/2009 11:49pm
This song is the shiznit.
by Nicoredhot on 3/24/2009 6:35pm
Only red hot can write an awesome song like this,you guys rules!!!!!!
by Gedis on 4/1/2009 6:12am
One of favs :]
by Broham on 4/7/2009 9:11pm
Fuck Metallica.

Rock on Chile Peppers!!!!!!!
by Sir psycho sexy on 4/17/2009 11:55pm
100%sexy 100% xtacee. Hands down the sexiest song ever!!!!!! Almost made me cum ;)

Max sexy beast.
by CHILI BOY on 4/25/2009 1:31am
man if my grandma new i listened to " Now I rest me down to sleep, I pray the funk will make me freak, and if I die before I wake, allow my Lord to rock out naked" she'd say I was doomed for hell.
by Fliz on 5/19/2009 5:12pm
Anthony is my ideal man, gah, I wish I could find somebody alike him around my age. And also the band is the worlds best ever in my opinion.
by Demons in my semen on 5/21/2009 9:24am
Even if by some chance they did steal the idea for the lyrics from Metallica, Metallica fucking sucks, so who cares? RHCP can steal whatever they want from whomever they want and make it like 84 times cooler.
by Owsik on 5/27/2009 2:11pm
Guys... do you see only lirycs in this song??? THE MUSIC IS GREAT!!!
(like in every RHCP song ;P)
by Juan on 6/10/2009 8:42pm
la letra es tremenda, pero el tema es EXCELENTE!
by frooshmaniac on 6/18/2009 2:19am
its a fucking prayer you dumbasses who think its stolen from metallica.
by bob walter on 7/4/2009 9:50pm
i just read through all these comments and laughed about how every one was saying it was a prayer or if it was stolen i dont care these are one of the best lyrics i have ever seen in a song the music is great and the red hot chili peppers are probably the best band ever god bless anthony kiedis and the rest of the chili peppers and all fans!!!!
by Badass Bassist on 7/29/2009 3:19pm
this whole album is amazing. there is not one song that i dont like and this song is my ALLTIME fav. i love playing it too
by MGaic on 8/21/2009 9:41pm
John groovy guitar combined with fleas funky bass combined with Anthonys lyrics and chads drums equal perfection
by freaky styley on 8/23/2009 9:20pm
Yo right on JOE MOMMA135

this song is fukin hott

by t bone on 8/29/2009 6:28am
fuck barry white! this is the best boning music!
by charly on 10/22/2009 10:27pm
my boyfriend told my mother this was his theme song.... shit haha but it is
by Lemon on 11/8/2009 8:58am
Kiedis is the PATRON SAINT of MUSIC!!!
by Dylan on 12/22/2009 6:15pm
by Ruman on 5/5/2010 12:01am
This is a fantastic song to make the sexy time to...especially since lots of guys last about 8 minutes.
by lolwut on 6/24/2010 8:30am
Pornographic song :D
by Michael on 8/18/2010 8:32am
Ruman I lol'd so hard ;D

Also this is one of the RHCP best songs
by RESEARCH! on 10/21/2010 1:01pm
Kiedis didn't write this, noobs.
by Trish on 10/25/2010 1:38pm
This wins.
by Fish on 10/27/2010 8:34pm
as genius as the lyrics are, as genius is the guitar outro, man I LOVE THIS SONG
by dt on 12/16/2010 9:28am
me encanta
by danielleee on 1/8/2011 1:31pm
i love this song its pretty amazing! not rude what so ever -_- tbf every rhcp song is good lyy kiedis
by Freakin Rican on 3/5/2011 9:15am
I sang this song on karaoke last night. All of my dreams have been realized now...Thank you AK for showing us all what great looks like.
by christopher on 5/29/2011 12:23pm

I know it's already been said, but it has to be said again.

"Now I lay me down to sleep..." is based off a verse from the bible

by sarah on 6/6/2011 2:26am
Ok for all you complainers that are saying that the Chili Peppers stole this from Metallica, go cry around somewhere else. No one here wants to hear about how they stole a line from something Metallica didn't even write.
by kurttrollbain on 1/16/2012 11:39pm
This song gets me in the moooood aw yeah fucking awesome
by funkgirl on 1/27/2012 2:04pm
this is an orgasm!!!!!!
by He's the Man on 9/15/2012 8:33am
Chorus second time around changes from "he;s the man that left me blind" to "I'm the man that left you blind" and so on for the record
by andy on 10/9/2012 3:24am
This song makes me want to jump around and break shit then drive around and randomly pick up women

gotta love RHCP
by Rahjohanna on 10/10/2012 9:01pm
I said "what's up?" now suck my dick.

Best lyric in the history of music.
by Balls on 5/14/2013 10:24pm
by my anthony idol on 5/24/2013 10:59am
Ahhh! I fucking love RHCP! Wow. They have everything, amazing music, soulful, awesome lyrics, energy, and a life of scars so that anyone who's ever been through something can find their howl vocalized into something bigger than life through RHCP! I'm a woman and I don't usually like crudeness from guys or sexual bravado but some way that Anthony does it. It's so much more and I just LOVE HIM!!! They're shamans--baring their souls through their music and lyrics. Just an amazing band.
by Love Anthony Kiedis so funking much on 5/27/2013 1:52pm
That song's shows how talented Anthony is.

Well, and all the Red Hot.
Amazing band.

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