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Transparent Parents Lyrics

Artist: Quarashi
Album: Jinx

(Well, well, well)

Well I€™m constantly divin€™ down, driving out, jivin€™ about, Is
cause suckers two-faced self assured sickos. I don€™t get it
seconds are wasted. As for the name of the game that I
tasted, This is the last one, this is the end. A messenger
dead and no message to send. Great wall white whale I
strike the sun now it€™s done, done, done, the word is now
undone. Transparent parent, mister master, driving a boy
from his youth to disaster.Bad, bad, bad brain day and I€™m
blessed with the word. It comes to my head in the shape of
a bird. (Yeah, yeah) Do it again where I am in the air.
Getting so drunk in my head that I care. Id est I, et Ego est
he, in a low key, (woo)so what do you wanna be.

I want it all again. x4

(Yes check it out, check, check it out)

Here we€™re coming, speaking to the gente, going to the
loco in the quarashi juego pass me the mirror and I€™ll cut
you a line this is a sequel, I check out and shine. Now come
on and every body lets get high. I€™m above the clouds living
a goddamn lie. But later on, I€™m back at last their grabbing
my t-shirt come on take a rest.Doing this ya€™ll, doing that
ya€™ll, until I stand up against something I fall. Bring out the
best every day€™s a test, 47 temperature the last one is best.

I want it all again. x4

(One, one two, check this out)

Here I am my friends like never before. Out in the back I€™m
watching the score. It€™s twisted, it€™s true but I love the sick
mother. Keeping her good like there was no other, Brother,
there must be a way, to get through the day, without getting
stuck in the role of the prey. I am still no one locked in the
cage trying to get back the hand that I gave.

I want it all again.


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