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Out There Lyrics

Artist: Project Pat
Album: Ghetty Green

Hey pass me a beer man.

Here you go.

Man that nigga been standing on the same god damn
spot slagin that shit about the last 4-5 days man.

Wit the same clothes on aint even been home yet.

I dont even think so i wonder if he smoking or selling
that shit he had to be smoking or snortin something
to up for them 4-5 days

naw i heard he shot somebody man.


Thats the reason why he probably cant go home.

Yeaahhh you know like what you call been missing to man
i think thats the nigga he suppose to be frontin his money to.

Thats why the police been drivin around so hard.

Yeah burning the spot up man yeah yeah we might need to gone call
528-CASH that nigga ass.

And turn him on in.

We need to man to make that little change man get some mo beers
or something.

Yeah we gone do that.

Need to hurry up and gone turn that nigga ass in man make
this neighborhood probably a little bit safer man.

A little bit more.

Atleast for us or somthing dang.

Chorus 2X
Blunt to my lips.
Gun on my hip.
rocks in my sock.
pocket full of chips.
watchin for the pigs.
splitin hataz wigs.
stackin me some grip.
playa can ya dig.

(Project Pat)
Project Pat a nigga thats down for his crown mane. if your ass
step ima be downtown mane. 4th floor bound mane thats if i get caught
mane. push me to the edge so it really aint my fault mane. see
i gotta die man. dont you even try man. enemies gone bleed once
i let these bullets fly mane. momma gonna cry mane. i like to get
high mane. niggas passing plates snortin line after line man. i got's to
get mine mane. robbing was the crime mane. that a nigga did but
i done serve my time mane. put that all behind mane. get out on
the grind mane. slang some of this dope in the steets or my
ride mane. see i aint a fool mane. fuck listen to you mane. why
you in my grill and you knowin we aint cool mane. project aint
a duck mane. see i know waz up mane. get up off my dick like a
motherfucking slut mane.

Chorus 2X

Where im from man aint no sunshine only shine on a doggs ass if
his ass dont get on the grind doin time help a nigga out to
clear up my head use to have a shank and a knife that was by my bed it
was said i would end up dead working in the streets but the
streets is the only thang i see payin me quarter key fuck
servin deals rockin to the shake slangin guns slangin tv's
man im tryin to make all i can my nigga puncho at a hoes
house get her drunk take her to the back put dick in her
mouth leave the dront door unlocked my nig turn the radio
pull the car up into the yard cleaning out the hoe you should
know that a burglary really aint for me i just got out the
tentary tryin to get my feet get the cheese off the merchandise
went a bought a deal nigga please you say you dont steal ima keep
it real.

Chorus 2X

Hataz like to get a playa twisted in that bullshita and game
splita im also a wig splita your ass getta shoot up by the 9 mila
your cap i drilla when fucking with real nigga the chrome trigga
shall regulate a punk quicker a bullet hit ya im zoned of that brown
liquor you need to get ya nose outta niggas biz quit spreadin
rumors like a motherfucking punk bitch my trunk is the bed for a
kidnapped victim hollow point hit them pull out my gun your hands
you get them up in the air ah because you came to me in error
dont wanna scare ya see you have manifest in terror i know these
bullets will pop your shit off like a meleon lets bust it up man
fuck man who you tellin its armagedeon the North Memphis crack we
sellin you pass me the potent weed is what they yellin.

Chorus Fades Out


by pat mane on 5/15/2008 1:56pm
yea nigga dat is the mathafucking shit!
by HCP 4 Life on 4/30/2010 11:09pm
Fuckin' tore that shit apart hell yeahhhh

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