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Poison Lyrics

Artist: Prodigy
Album: Music For The Jilted Generatio

What? Yeah, yold on a second... (in the background)
Liam, someone on the phone for you
Oh, fucks sake, tryin to write this fucking tune, man

Yeah, yeah, yeah

(In the background: Boom, bah!)
(Also in the background: Hit the ground)

I got the poison, I got the poison
I got the poison, I got the poison

I got the poison, I got the remedy
I got the pulsating rhytmical remedy
I got the poison, I got the remedy
I got the pulsating rhytmical remedy
I got the poison, I got the remedy
I got the pulsating rhytmical remedy
I got the poison, I got the remedy
I got the pressure, the pressure

I got the poison, I got the remedy
I got the pulsating rhytmical remedy
I got the poison, I got the remedy
I got the pulsating rhytmical remedy
I got the poison, I got the remedy
I got the pulsating rhytmical remedy
I got the poison, I got the remedy
I got the pulsating rhytmical remedy


by Alex on 6/3/2008 8:45am
Great song this one...i still think it's one of their best altgought no one likes it :|
by ThrostGunnulf on 6/7/2008 10:43am
This is one of their bests songs! I totally agree with you Alex!
by Goddamn on 7/2/2008 8:37am
Totally agree with you guys!
by francik on 7/14/2008 3:27pm

eerm yeah if i ever loved a song - it's this definately. i love it
by La ostia on 7/19/2008 9:09pm
Con esta cancion he roto yo monton de cosas jajaja
by Naaaaomi on 7/26/2008 11:30am
This song is genious
reaaaally good one from Prodigy
when do they ever NOT do a good song though..

by cuper on 9/6/2008 9:38am
Si q eran un n prodigio si, q arte dios mio! OMG!
by MeVo on 11/3/2008 4:58pm
I also like this one alot
by Driftlab on 11/8/2008 12:46am
Alex who ever doesn't like this cant appreciate real music obviously
by Oscar on 11/12/2008 1:32pm
People are always stoned when they here that song.
by juampa on 12/7/2008 11:23am
i got the poison!
by Cleo on 12/22/2008 8:34am
I got the remedy!
by Vytautas on 1/5/2009 2:19pm
Myliu it gabal
by fanis992 on 1/24/2009 3:54pm
It is their best.
by lalukos on 2/22/2009 11:33am
ma fave song dudec =]
by Ultimo on 4/7/2009 12:30am
This is a really good song, I wouldnt say it's their best though.
by Maxim on 4/16/2009 6:07pm
Diesel Power is thee greatest rap song I have ever heard and definitely my favorite Prodigy song.
by irhead on 5/31/2009 2:25pm
adore this tune, tho voodoo ppl is my personal fav
by pant on 6/22/2009 12:09pm
+1 for voodoo ppl, but like this one too
Prodigy 4 ever
by always always on 7/28/2009 8:41am
this music fucks everybody's nerves,'s fantastic
by Your mum on 8/29/2009 5:00pm
To tell the truth, I don't get it.
It's not what I would call a bad song, but it's nothing on say voodoo people or breathe, spitfire, girls.
There's even a handful of songs on the new album that I would like better.
by Framing Hanley on 1/8/2010 8:51pm
I got the pulsating rythmical remedy!
by me on 2/13/2010 9:47pm
funk off !! the best
by Leanesthesiste on 4/25/2010 8:29pm
no me ha quedado claro, que es lo que tiene?
by Idunno.. on 5/4/2010 4:25am
Definitely one of my favourite songs!
by Gunslinger on 5/23/2010 10:41am
Got back from their live performance in Warsaw. This song live sounds just... fcukin out of space ;D
by callum on 6/28/2010 10:57am
the whole album of "their law" is a bloody good album all round
by Warriors Dance Festival MK on 7/23/2010 3:11am
Poison's one of my fave tracks. Live it's amazing, especially more recently - it's got like three main parts now!
by Aniog8 on 7/27/2010 3:53pm
Just impressed by the Beats
its Awesome Song!
by BeatsBahDreahh on 9/7/2010 11:52pm
this song is 15 years old and still kicks ass
by tommy on 10/8/2010 11:03am
rompi todo hasta que encontre el remedio (=
by Xtacy on 11/22/2010 6:44pm
Sweetest beats ever on this song. May Prodigy live for ever!
by silvanner on 12/31/2010 12:34am
poison kicks ass
by drogenhund on 1/30/2011 7:37am
Sounds more like "Johnny Rotten's fucking gym, huh?" to me, lol.
by hundedroge on 1/31/2011 1:40pm
whats "yold"?
yes this song is verrryy good
by zeroster on 7/28/2011 6:11am
Listening to it at full volume. Definitely their best.

P.S. I'm in my late 60's
by Annie rathour on 9/22/2011 1:17pm
its really best song of prodigy have ever heard.....& m agree wid u zeroster listining it at full volume is an awsem feeling of rocks.....
by Gennady on 1/20/2012 2:07pm
I`m a Russian speaker, and when listening this song back then, long ago, thought it was:
I got the poison. I got the remedy.
I got the poison: terrific, no-remedy :))
by Deanna on 4/10/2012 2:40pm
i have to say one of the best but when do they make a bad song their law best album because may Fave songs are there p.s. im 13!! x
by Stimpy on 4/16/2012 5:50pm
I would say this is their most memorable song I love it.
by Rip on 6/21/2012 7:42am
Thanks for lyrics,love you,prodigy:)
by boki on 9/8/2012 8:13pm
Did not know the lyrics exactly. Tnx guys
by онаним on 10/3/2012 10:07am
Жжошь, сцуко
by Pavan on 11/14/2012 9:59am
The Prodigy live in Johannesburg on the 1st of December 2012!!!!!!!!
by Dr.Guru on 1/21/2013 10:57am
Yess this is it, you all the guys there will be young forever
by X-am Pb on 2/12/2013 6:20pm
skvelá hudba

by Masloboev SS on 6/23/2013 12:38pm
Prodigy rulezzz!
by Jerzy on 11/11/2013 4:28am
Dost dobr :)
by Lord Sinistrus on 12/24/2013 9:23am
Tks Prodigy...Love U Bros....From Jilted Generation.
by Jeff on 8/20/2014 10:53pm
Discovered em in high school. Still love em.
by dave on 8/31/2014 7:25pm
it shows that they had to work really hard with the lyrics
by Ivan on 1/21/2015 10:57pm
Заебись, внатуре чётко
by on 1/23/2015 12:23pm

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