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When Doves Cry Lyrics

Artist: Prince
Album: Hits-The B-Sides

Dig if u will the picture
Of u and I engaged in a kiss
The sweat of your body covers me
Can u my darling
Can u picture this?

Dream if u can a courtyard
An ocean of violets in bloom
Animals strike curious poses
They feel the heat
The heat between me and u

How can u just leave me standing?
Alone in a world that's so cold? (So cold)
Maybe I'm just 2 demanding
Maybe I'm just like my father 2 bold
Maybe you're just like my mother
She's never satisfied (She's never satisfied)
Why do we scream at each other
This is what it sounds like
When doves cry

Touch if u will my stomach
Feel how it trembles inside
You've got the butterflies all tied up
Don't make me chase u
Even doves have pride

How can u just leave me standing?
Alone in a world so cold? (World so cold)
Maybe I'm just 2 demanding
Maybe I'm just like my father 2 bold
Maybe you're just like my mother
She's never satisfied (She's never satisfied)
Why do we scream at each other
This is what it sounds like
When doves cry

How can u just leave me standing?
Alone in a world that's so cold? (A world that's so cold)
Maybe I'm just 2 demanding (Maybe, maybe I'm like my father)
Maybe I'm just like my father 2 bold (Ya know he's 2 bold)
Maybe you're just like my mother (Maybe you're just like my mother)
She's never satisfied (She's never, never satisfied)
Why do we scream at each other (Why do we scream, why)
This is what it sounds like

When doves cry
When doves cry (Doves cry, doves cry)
When doves cry (Doves cry, doves cry)

Don't Cry (Don't Cry)

When doves cry
When doves cry
When doves cry

When Doves cry (Doves cry, doves cry, doves cry
Don't cry
Darling don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't don't cry


by crystal on 6/16/2008 11:07pm
Im in love with this song. The lyrics are I checked
by Nelly on 6/26/2008 6:24pm
as a little girl I could never understand the meaning of this song...but now, it makes a lot of sense to me
by CLL on 6/29/2008 11:22pm
I think that this is a beautiful song, but I think that it is a bad example for children to have IM spelling such as "u" and "2" in the lyrics...
by Raven on 7/9/2008 4:58pm
haha everytime i hear this song ,
hahah it cracks me up :)
by jerri on 7/11/2008 10:43pm
When I was a kid I just loved this song and his movie. As a little girl you really don't know the meaning of this song but as a grown woman I understand it all now.
by kayla on 7/12/2008 5:19pm
its pretty good i guess! LOL!
by Ariana on 7/16/2008 11:48am
I'm 14 right now, and I just adore prince and his music. This song and Kiss are my all time favorites
by Mona on 8/23/2008 4:02pm
I once met this person, a special guy.. who made me realize how important and special i am.. but then all of a sudden he left.. it's been years now.. i've listened to this song so many times but never realized what it meant till just now.. weird huh? even if am 30 years old.. we tend to b blinded every once in a while..
by Lebowski on 9/10/2008 5:50pm
"I think that this is a beautiful song, but I think that it is a bad example for children to have IM spelling such as "u" and "2" in the lyrics.."

If you own any Prince albums, go look at the lyrics there.
by Me on 10/3/2008 2:15am
i love this song.... for some reason
by ccccc on 10/23/2008 8:54pm
this song was dedicated to me by a guy im in love withh ! >/
by Duderino on 11/19/2008 8:31am
I agree with Lebowski. Why must we use this truncated IM parlance? Prince is a goddamn genius.
by Pablo on 11/29/2008 6:59am
I think his sound like an 80s song too much, yet has something that makes it really good like a new song. And i wanna add a comment. Crystal,this site might be rite, or all the other sites are wrong, including this one.
by Pablo on 11/29/2008 7:07am
CCL, i think tht too, but ppl arent goin to copy these down. I IM a lot, in fact im IMing right now, and i use u and 2 in it, but it doesnt affect my writing. They arent goin to go to bed EVERY night reading and say tomorrow im goin to use 2 instead of 2 cuz the lyrics did.
by dave on 12/8/2008 12:32am
ever looked at prince's song titles? He was using 'U' and '2' to stand for 'you' and 'to/too' waaaay before IM or texting. While I also hate 'textspeak', in Prince's case it seems appropriate
by Letitia on 1/7/2009 1:07am
I agree with dave. Prince uses abbreviations in all his song lyrics and titles. Look it up.
by ysMEX on 1/11/2009 4:11pm
by Maddi on 1/24/2009 8:32pm
I really like this song... but I don't like this version. This song doesn't make any sense to me... I am 14 and still don't understand it since I heard it when I was 8... if anyone knows please tell me
by Dom white house on 2/2/2009 3:07am
Man, man, these lyrics just make me want to put on a leopard skin thong and prance around like a wild animal before busting a nutt all over the CD player! Woowzaa!!
by HIIII on 2/17/2009 5:43pm
i luved this song since i was 5
by ran alon on 2/18/2009 4:21am
a great song especially the opening guitar
by Truth on 3/31/2009 8:54am
Prince is a legend and originals are great but for an awesome twist, check out ginuwine feat. timbaland's version...smooth!
by samantha on 4/29/2009 10:30am
my mom is upsessed with this song! so am i! its heridatry!
by LILMOOKZ on 6/8/2009 11:12am
by GOD on 6/26/2009 1:03pm
u guys up there need to get a life..
by VSP on 7/19/2009 3:00am
The guitar solo is groovy.
by Trina on 9/5/2009 3:42pm
My grandma always said this was her favorite song,and now that ive actually heard it a couple of times i enjoy it to...GO PRINCE!:D
by Tryx on 9/24/2009 9:35am
Since my ELEMENTARY days.. I am obsessed with ROCK.. this song is not only sung and played since.. it will be IMMORTAL.. I am now 37 and still it takes my breath away..
by John on 10/6/2009 9:59pm
Why do people write on sites like this?
by kassie on 10/21/2009 8:20am
i love this song!!!!!!!!!!!! along with like all of Prim=nces songs. hes amazing. im waitin for him to come out with some new stuff just as good as the old
by candace on 11/7/2009 5:45pm
this is one of my favorite old skool songs and its by prince so that makes it better
by laura on 11/22/2009 12:31pm
i think this song is cool and it makes me think about how people treat each other and how they should try to be nicer and make this world a better place for everybody to live in.
by Scott on 1/8/2010 9:20pm
Check out Damien Rice's version where he mixes a little Zeppelin in.
by Yazmin gil on 1/9/2010 8:50pm
Es una cancion hermosa cuando la escucho mas me encanta Prince , gracias por haber escrito esta cancion Besos y abrazos Prince .
by Az on 7/12/2010 3:38am
Really good song i love it Price rocks. PURPLE RAIN!!!!
by brittany on 7/16/2010 4:40pm
iam in love wit prince and all his music!my favs are darlin nikki and kiss.he rokz!!
by bishop on 7/19/2010 3:29am
great love song
by Bunnyangel on 10/11/2010 11:46pm
I love this song its one of my favorite songs of all time. go prince:D
by Singer in the Rain on 11/17/2010 11:28am
Anybody ever sing this at karaoke? How do you handle the slight vocal overlaps between the verses and the chorus?
by Lady Cole on 1/6/2011 6:47pm
My husband loves this song after hearing a parody by Jamie Foxx of Prince he wanted to hear the song asap. Now I like the song, but I guess I'm still young minded because I don't understand it yet. But if he likes it I love it. More power to the ARTIST FORMALLY KNOWN AS PRINCE FANS. WHOOOUP.
by dean on 1/21/2011 1:26am
i have been really frustrated trying to find the song, i had heard this song quite a while ago, and i heard this song just before on the radio, and i went to try and find it and i couldnt took me an hour but i had a big headache trying to find it, but i guess the wait was worth it for the song.
by Ronan on 2/24/2011 7:58pm
Amazing. Ultimate song. It seems more techno-like to me, not really like an old song. @ People that are discussing IMSpeak: for=4 when it comes 2 prince *wink*
by Serbian Handsome guy :) on 2/26/2011 3:41pm
Wow thanks for lyrics!! the song is song great!!! How can u just leave me standing?
Alone in a world so cold? (World so cold)
by antwannette on 3/31/2011 5:09pm
omg i love you prince your so cute and i love your songs boo and my favorite color is purple
by Mrs. Fiasco on 4/28/2011 4:40am
PRINCE IS AMAZING. And haters can kindly DIE
by nelsonater on 5/6/2011 5:47pm
I have always loved Prince he was like an idol to me when i was a kid because my mom introduced me to all the 80s songs and i will admit that i am and always will be an 80s girl even though im only 16...oh well...i guess good funky music never dies and also none of u might like this person but i also like michael Jackson's music they have good beats to dance to just like Prince!!!
by Kelly213 on 6/17/2011 7:57am
I understand how I made you feel now, forever sorry, this ones for you cheryl. You did the right thing,
by Shawks on 7/22/2011 12:04pm
This songs strikes cords in me like no other....I love the strong beats.
by andy on 8/22/2011 9:42am
I prefer Patti Smith remake in this case
by lancelot on 9/21/2011 6:44pm
This reminds me of a woman that I had incredible intense feelings for. I think of her when I hear this. It was mutual, but we never got together. Too complicated...
by dimple jadeja on 1/13/2012 1:27pm
i truly love this just peps me up . love its strong beats.
by Guinevere on 1/24/2012 8:05am
Happy to find out that this was the #1 song on my birth date through face book app :) I always think of Romeo and Juliet movie. Lancelot , I know the want someone so badly but you just cant be with them for certain reasons...
by How to spell 'you'. on 3/4/2012 9:02pm
If you make a fucking website. And that website's publishing lyrics. Learning how to fucking spell might be your point of business.
by cristina on 3/5/2012 9:51am
e uran in pula mea
by William franklin on 3/20/2012 2:17am
This my favorite song
by Lancelot on 6/10/2012 9:55pm
It sounds like you know what I mean! There are very few people that connect in life! You should be with someone that you have chemistry with! A friend, partner in crime, a lover... Maybe I am a dreamer!
I settled once, but never again!

by Jim on 6/19/2012 5:38pm
One of my top five Prince songs, this song is great and I'm a real Prince fan and I know his music. Me and my girl saw him 9 times in L.A when he was here. The guitar part is the bomb along with back up singing. The drum beat you will never hear one like that again, PRINCE IS THE BEST!!!!
by Geoffery [sounds like jef-rey] on 8/6/2012 12:44am
funny how kids ask what this song's about. i looked forever for lyrics for this and lets go crazy i found that on a-z
by big ol pimp mr peek on 12/22/2012 2:12pm
I like the ong but will someone tell me what do doves sound like when they cry?
by Jamunarani on 2/23/2013 9:23am
Just lov prince........hv seen all hs concert in Sydney u,rock and I jst lov ya music
by by Gaby on 5/21/2013 8:53am
The line about maybe your just like my mother she's never satisfied always reminded me of my mother. Then one day my sister and I were in the car and this song came on and that line was sung and my sister said, "that line alway's reminds me of mom"
by malia on 3/9/2017 10:40pm
cool song i like that song to when doves cry

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