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Amazed Lyrics

Artist: Poe
Album: Haunted

It's amazing to me but I can't
Seem to say what I'm doing here
My tongue is all twisted around the air
I'm looking for words that were so well rehearsed
But I can't find them anywhere
With you there's no easy answer
It's true
You change the equation that I add up to
And all of the things I thought I knew
You turn it around

I'm amazed
When push comes to shove what I'd give to you
I'm amazed
The hallways I wouldn't mind crawling through
And I'd do it for days and days

I'm amazed, I'm amazed

That places your taking me to

Wait, I thought I had this down
I built all my cages and my hide out
I covered all my bases
But you
You creep in like a whisper
I try not to listen but I hear you
I don't know just what it is you do
But do it again

I'm amazed
When push comes to shove what I'd give to you

I'm amazed
The walls that I wouldn't mind crashing through
And I'd do it for days and days

I'm amazed, I'm amazed

At all of the things I know you have done
'Cause this time I think we've really won
That tables have turned
Now I'm taking my hat off to you
You said "we'll see"
But darling it's all clear to me

I'm amazed

And here in the foyer the hallway is small
I don't really think it's a hallway at all
It's a maze

Johnny your suitcase was finally received
She's packed up her things and she's ready to leave

It's amazing

All of the ink that was bled from your hands
Has painted a picture that she understands
It's amazed

And here by the ocean the sky's full of leaves
And what they can tell you depends on what you believe
It's a maze

The ass is a tree and the voices were three
And all that is gone is here sweeping through me
It's amazing

The voice of my father still loud as before
It used to scare me but not anymore

Father :
What is it Annie

I miss you


by Din on 11/13/2008 4:03pm
Dude, it's 'The ash is a tree' not 'the ass is a tree'.....
by Nayru on 1/28/2009 7:43pm
You can totally tell that this song is based off "House of Leaves". Poe and the author are siblings, right?

Also, lol ass
by Edward Elric on 1/28/2009 9:38pm
Some of these lryics are wrong... =/
Still a great song though
by t crome on 4/6/2009 5:30pm
where is she now?
by steph b on 4/15/2009 1:43pm
last i recall she sung a song for conjure one but other than that she hasn't done anything since this album.
by marlana f on 12/30/2009 6:59pm
& its " she's packed up the things that she's willing to leave " but oh well...
by trigger on 1/28/2010 5:35pm
she is at
by Ray on 2/17/2010 9:47am
This CD was made to go with House of Leaves.
by Ryan on 5/12/2010 2:24am
This album amazed me. Her first is good, but amature in comparison. I would check it out if she ever came out with another album...
by Jenn on 8/6/2010 2:18am
She is an amazing artist.
by Seph on 10/22/2011 7:24am
Haha, "ass". I swear people don't even listen anymore.

I hadn't heard of House of Leaves when I had this cd. I wore this cd OUT, I'm telling you. It's flat out amazing.

I knew the story of the father's death and that really resonated.

Then I got the book. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Book + cd = mind-blowing.
by josh on 7/4/2012 12:19am
It's Navidson thoughts of his last journey into the house when he realizes his goal is to return to Karen.

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