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No Doubt Lyrics

Artist: Petra
Album: No Doubt

(Verse 1)
There are times when you fell like you can't go on
There are times when you fell like giving in
And there are times when you feel like you can't try anymore
There are times of trouble in believing
This test of your faith will last
As long as it takes to pass
Till you have no more doubt you'll endure
And you faith will emerge true and pure

No doubt it'll be alright
With God it'll all work together for good
No doubt in the end it will be understood
No doubt it'll all work out
With faith He can move any mountain for us
No doubt in the power of Jesus
And after all is done we find out
All we really need to have is no doubt

(Verse 2)
There's a time to take a reckless leap of faith
There's a time to be cautious and wait
And there's a way of learning from the past
That this time of trouble won't last
And sometimes we want to think we know
The ways He will choose to make us grow
But it's never the way of our choosing
And we can't always see what He's using

(Repeat chorus)

There will be winters in the seasons of our soul
With a cold and bitter wind that chills our lives
But our faith can be building a fire
That will warm us till spring time arrives

(Repeat chorus)


by gaichana on 10/5/2008 10:35am
For me this song is very wonderful and heart touching. I like this song very much 'coz whenever I'm down and discouraged, this song really boost me up from inside,whenever i listen to it. THANK YOU !
by juy on 1/19/2009 1:47am
i like this song!thanks Lonne for introducing the band to me...i'm so touch with the lyrics. Stay ablazing in God's love.
by Praison on 4/14/2009 12:10pm
its really heart touching
by Bonnie on 4/23/2009 3:42pm
Its probably one of the best christian song i have ever heard.
by Ike Villareal on 10/2/2009 1:52pm
This is one of the bests of Petra. One of the bests of old school Christian songs
by meg on 10/21/2009 3:50am
i love this song it really helps me when i feeling down
by Fine on 4/17/2010 8:31pm
love this song! :-)
by Marty on 9/25/2010 6:17pm
I had heard Petra a few years ago and loved No Doubt. I have told my kids and funeral director this is the primary song for my parting with this world to the better one! I had swayed from the Lord for some time; trying so hard to find my way back...No Doubt!
by Ray on 1/29/2011 2:50pm
I was saved from my old life 27 years ago. I have listened to hundreds of Christian bands and Petra is the best. They have endured over 30 years of performing.

My favorite is No Doubt. This wonderful testament of God's Love for us is splendidly portrayed in this song. We may have doubts, but God NEVER doubts. His Love is sure
and we can always rely on God to be there for us. Love You Dear Jesus, The Adored and Gloriful One :)
by rilise sangtam on 6/23/2011 11:08pm
heart touching lyric,GOD bless u all....
by Kay Cee on 7/29/2011 12:10pm
I really like this song...many things will happen in our Christian life -good and bad ways...The way we planned our life is not same with God's plan for us...Still,whatever problems that we faced He's not leaving us rather filled with Holy Spirit...So,let us believe in Him b'coz He is the ONE....TRUE...GOD...
by Tsali Sangtam on 9/12/2011 2:11am
Through this song i've learn how to keep faith without doubt, it really touches my heart whenever i listen to this song.
by avoi tetseo on 2/15/2012 10:23am
Petra songs are really touching . It also makes joy when one is with tears. - God bless Petra
by Kingpost on 3/16/2012 6:24am
I love the song, it realy lift my faith to a higher ground.....i like all their realy has a touching power,..:-)
by amos gishing on 4/21/2012 10:03am
this no of petra is very meaningful n powerful it really encourage me.
by LaChrymose Ages Vaiphei on 4/28/2012 5:02am
I just can't stop listening to this song. Its such an encouragement for me!
by Merelisi Ma'afu on 5/24/2012 5:30am
Love the song... my son Dylan sang it for me at my wedding, some 11yr after being widowed (when his Dad passed on)... It was his way and most importantly, God's way of telling me to have no doubt for under His shadow, everything will all work out, Amen!
by Ngaitei on 6/19/2012 1:50am
Love the sö realy has a touching power..
by dlfngrl on 8/17/2012 9:55am
My cd of 15 yrs skips :-(:-(:-( ..... Wherw can i get a new one
by Tarakchie on 8/17/2012 11:25pm
this song is really really heart touching.....................4 me
by nem on 9/4/2012 12:19pm
love this song. Really touching...
by Nchum lotha(tsanglao) on 9/22/2012 10:32am
No doubt it'll be alright..with God... !!.wow...such a wonderful song by petra...."GOD BLESS PETRA" .kip rokng !!
by Davie on 10/9/2012 12:12am
God bless you Petra for your great word in songs.You are one of my Gospel praise
by THONGAM CHAMPION (Daniel) on 3/1/2013 5:41am
NO DOUBT!!!!,this Song has turned down the works of fallen angels in my life and simultaneously, rejuvenated my passion for eternal properity (winning souls for CHRIST) when this songs goes on through thick and thin in my life,NO DOUBT.........
May GOD bless petra lavishly
by THONGAM CHAMPION (Daniel) on 3/1/2013 5:44am
NO DOUBT!!!!,this Song has turned down the works of fallen angels in my life and simultaneously, rejuvenated my passion for eternal properity (winning souls for CHRIST) when this songs goes on through thick and thin in my life,NO DOUBT.........
May GOD bless petra lavishly.
by Gradgrind ch Momin on 5/23/2013 5:29am
We must trust god all we really need to have is no doubt as God can move any mountain or troubles we may face in our life .when i was about to write my matriculation i have a mental problem that i can't study i thought that i cannot go on that i would fail bt whn i hear dis song i pray to God with all my heart wit tears whn finaly an exm came my illness suddenly stop the day before exm i cn study n write my exam pass the exam in 1st dvsion wit three subject letter yes God cn help us in our trouble time all we need to have is 'no doubt' we should trust God we should not feel discourage in His timebeing He would help us when the time came ! There4 i thnk God wit all my heart so one should!
by jamie hagaria on 9/3/2013 8:51pm
No Doubt- What a song! i've been blessed,i've been touched and moved by the the inspiring words of encouragement.

God bless Petra

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Petra No Doubt Lyrics

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