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Manana Lyrics

Artist: Peggy Lee

MAANA (Is Soon Enough For Me)
Peggy Lee

The faucet she is dripping and the fence she's fallin' down
My pocket needs some money, so I can't go into town
My brother isn't working and my sister doesn't care
The car she needs a motor so I can't go anywhere
(maana, maana, maana is soon enough for me)

My mother's always working, she's working very hard
But every time she looks for me I'm sleeping in the yard
My mother thinks I'm lazy and maybe she is right
I'll go to work maana but I gotta sleep tonight
(maana, maana, maana is soon enough for me)

Oh, once I had some money but I gave it to my friend
He said he'd pay me double, it was only for a lend
But he said a little later that the horse she was so slow
Why he give the horse my money is something I don't know
(maana, maana, maana is soon enough for me)

------ guitar solo ------

(maana, maana, maana is soon enough for me)

My brother took a suitcase and he went away to school
My father said he only learned to be a silly fool
My father said that I should learn to make a chile pot
But then I burned the house down, the chile was too hot
(maana, maana, maana is soon enough for me)

The window she is broken and the rain is comin' in
If someone doesn't fix it I'll be soaking to my skin
But if we wait a day or two the rain may go away
And we don't need a window on such a sunny day
(maana, maana, maana is soon enough for me) Oba! Oba!
(maana, maana, maana is soon enough for me) Oba! Oba!


Note: - "maana" (pronounced mun-yon-a) is Spanish for "tomorrow"
- "Oba! Oba!" is an exclamation of happiness


by Juan on 6/30/2008 3:27pm
For heaven's sake, you have "manana" misspelled 40-dozen times in your version of the lyrics!! Get a grip! You're in the lyrics business! There is no such word in Spanish as "maana," you clowns!

It's not "maana"; it "manana" -- THREE syllables! [mon-YA-na = pronunciation].

Please get with the program so you look half-way professional.

Caramba ....
by internet brigade on 11/12/2008 7:34am
i love the internetes
by bhdfjlg on 3/23/2009 6:46pm
This is my fav song!!!!!!!!!1
by tyler on 7/27/2009 1:45am
my fav song of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by b boy king on 8/2/2009 2:45pm
my favorite song ever
by tyler on 8/10/2009 10:58pm
b boy king you break dance?? :)
by b boy king on 8/10/2009 11:00pm
WHO loves the song more then me??? :')
by Patucho on 12/26/2009 12:17pm
The correct spelling for this song is Ma˝ana. The enya [˝] is necessary for the correct pronunciation.
by Jimbo on 4/30/2010 7:20pm
Great song. Was it ever written in Spanish?
by BraBless on 10/9/2010 3:23am
I hate it when people get honest feedback, and they don't act on it. When are you clowns going to revisit the lyrics and correct them? Hasta Manana, goodluck and goodbye!!
by Not hearing impaired on 11/29/2010 8:02am
She very clearly says "Manana is GOOD enough for me." Not soon enough, good enough.
by Ur Mom on 2/22/2011 6:37pm
that is not how we sing that song in choir! not even close...... wow. i like the way we sing it better! they seriously need to change it!
by Gordon Osing on 3/19/2011 8:46am
We named our new pretty little husky Manana, also a name for the dawn. Her friend, my white husky is named Ixca Cienfuegos. Get it?
by real mexican person on 5/20/2011 9:05pm
its spelled Manana and pronounced moniana silly lol
by NOT HEARING IMPAIRED TWO on 6/22/2011 5:11pm
by chill, people. on 8/9/2011 4:17pm
The author may've had the correct symbol (˝) and the formatting couldn't handle it. Maybe it'll get fixed... is tomorrow good enough for you?
by Mira on 8/18/2011 11:33pm
yeah, ironic how this fix is never happening. Manana is good enough for them.
by albiwan on 8/20/2011 2:22pm
this should be the theme song for our President and the 535 members of Congress who run the federal government..
by lorie Williems on 10/10/2011 11:24am
I just love this song:))
by Jo Zauleck on 2/26/2012 9:17am
I`ll send comment MANANA.That`s good enough for me...
by Neffie Nishwash on 3/9/2012 5:36pm
"Not hearing impaired" and "NOT HEARING IMPAIRED TWO" are actually hearing impaired. YEAH, they say "soon enough for me." Jeez. Listen closely.
by Luna Nightingale on 9/29/2012 4:41pm
It is most definitely "manana is SOON enough for me", thats the name of the song!!!! Mis-spellings aside (I mean, I knew what they meant!) LOVE THIS SONG and shall be adding it to my list of songs to sing :)
by Jim Verhaeghe on 12/13/2012 9:20am
ElRodeo restaurant offers free Margaritas, mamana!For all visitors to their Anchorage,Ak facility. I thought I'd give them a plug!
by Big Daddy on 2/21/2013 11:25pm
The best version of this song is by a band called Herbs at the end of a movie called, "Shrimp on the Barbie".
by dano on 10/12/2013 10:42pm
The pronunciation isn't 'mun' or 'mon''s 'MAN-ya-na'.....,ya boneheads!
by Carolyn on 7/29/2014 1:27pm
I don't know if Peggy Lee ever
visited Mexico, but she sure knew
what she was saying in those lyrics. In this country, manana never comes; you know, third world country. I know because I,
unfortunately, live here. I believe their two favorite words
are manana and mentira (to lie).
Oh, add passive aggresive; that's
why the government takes advantage of the people. Most are just status quo in their own
little world and to hell with the
rest of the country. It's sad when they could be so much better.
by Bobbo on 5/14/2015 6:16pm
Dano,you're wrong.
In Spanish/Mexican the vowels are always pronounced the same.
A is like ah
E is like A in able
I is like E in eek
O is O
U is like ooo in you
Therefore the Mexican vowels are pronounced
ah, a, e, o, ooo
So it would be mahn yah nah, not man yah nah

by Wild Card on 11/12/2015 5:22pm
This ould not the first and likely not the last that a singer (yes even one who wrote the origonal lyric) has recorded it with slight diffrences whether it just slipped their mind or deliberately brcause they liked the new phrasing better.
by Jacquie on 1/19/2018 6:33pm
It's ma├▒ana. The Spanish word meaning "tomorrow" please fix this. Thank you.
by "Doc" Henry on 2/11/2024 4:51am
"Ma├▒ana" is spelled with a tilde over the first "n";that means it is pronounced like the "ny" in the word CANYON; that is a dipthong in English grammatical circles.

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