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Bitch's Brew Lyrics

Artist: NoMeansNo
Album: One

Fog and night after a thirsty day
It was a hot sun beating on an empty plate, you know
That damn dog's barking at the hissing cars
I hear whispers from afar
What was that? what did you say? does what really matter anyway?
Dark eyes staring at the wall
Mascara crumbling beneath the fall of eyelids drooping down
Answer me! what did you say? why do you have to be this way?
"What way is that", was her reply
She smiled and raised her big brown eyes
She said, "i don't give a damn what you do
And I really don't care what happens to you
You can whistle in the dark if you remember the tune
And recite your litany of gloom and doom
But there is one thing you can do for me..."
She shifted her ass and spread her knees
She said, " I don't give a damn what you
Do just pour me a glass of that bitch's brew
No, I really don't care what happens to you do
I want a long cold glass of that bitch's brew"

The rain is coming down in sheets
Windshield's trickling jagged streaks
It's a scripture written on tinted glass
Hissing like a snake in the grass
Something hard lies on the seat
My lips move but I don't speak
My eyes are glued to that blinking sign
And I just sit there, biding my time
"Cheap rooms" it says "open all the time"
Handcuffs ring a tightened fist
Lipstick smears a bloodied lip
What's mine is mine, that's what
I know to have and hold, to keep control
That's all I know
That's all I know and I don't really care what happens next
This has nothing to do with sex
I just need something to see me through
Something to keep me from coming unglued
I don't know what IÅ l do, wait,... I know what IÅ l do
I know what IÅ l do IÅ l pop the cork on that bitch's brew
IÅ l take a long stiff pull on that bitch's brew

I don't want no more I don't want no more
The bartender dragged me across the floor
Don't worry, man, that guy is long gone
"Maybe you shouldn't called him a fucking moron
You shouldn't start things you can't see through
Wow, that guy sure made a mess of you"
Now I lay me down to sleep and pray the lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake, you'll know I had a belly ache
"Shut up, man, shut up, man, you're brain is fried
Now don't stare at me with that look in your eyes"
What's mine is mine what's mine is mine
Said the frog to the snake as he crawled from the slime
My brain is fine, my brain, my brain, my brain is fine
How's that for a goddamned coupled rhyme
"Look man, why don't you just get on this stool
You ain't no poet, you're just a fucking fool"
I don't know what IÅ l do I don't know what IÅ l do
"Try doing what's right
Seek serenity in a world of delights
Till boom, boom, boom, out go the lights
Till boom, boom, boom, out go the lights"
Yea, that's going to help me to see me through
Like that's going to keep me from coming unglued
"Look man, I really don't give a fuck what you do
And I don't really care what happens to you
But there's maybe one little thing that I can do
IÅ l pour you a shot of that bitch's brew
Yea, one quick belt of that bitch's brew
Then you've have to leave, we're closing
You know what they say
You don't have to go home
But you can't stay here"


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