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March Of The Pigs Lyrics

Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Album: The Downward Spiral

step right up march push
crawl right up on your knees
please greed feed (no time to hesitate)
i want a little bit i want a piece of it i think he's losing it
i want to watch it come down
don't like the look of it don't like the taste of it don't like the
smell of it
i want to watch it come down
all the pigs are all lined up
i give you all that you want
take the skin and peel it back
now doesn't that make you feel better?
shove it up inside surprise! lies
stains like the blood on your teeth
bite chew suck away the tender parts
i want to break it up i want to smash it up i want to f**k it up
i want to watch it come down
maybe afraid of it let's discredit it let's pick away at it
i want to watch it come down
now doesn't that make you feel better?
the pigs have won tonight
now they can all sleep soundly
and everything is all right


by Piggy on 1/24/2012 11:44pm
A superb mockery of debacle! No one like Reznor to crawl beneath the skin of the most profain of beings while transgressivly exposing victimization! He exhibits both sides in the most intrusive exposing brutality in such a way as to force the audience to feel brutal, therefore provoking (hopefully) a sense of remorse. Unique is he in that not many have the artistic ability to conquer both good and evil while neutralizing a complex concept, such as becoming a pig to ultimately nullify one...ahhh...breathtaking! Luv luv luv!

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