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Feeling Good Lyrics

Artist: Nina Simone

Birds flyin' high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel
Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me
yeah, its a new dawn its a new day its a new life for me ooooooooh

Fish in the sea, you know how I feel
River runnin' free you know how I feel
Blossom on the tree you know how I feel
Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me
And I'm feelin good

Dragonfly out in the sun you know what i mean dont you know
Butterflies all havin' fun you know what I mean
Sleepin' peace when day is done that's what I mean
And this old world is a new world and a bold world for me

Stars when you shine you know how I feel
Scent of the crime you know how I feel
Your freedom is mine, and I know how I feel
Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me
(Free styling)


by Jamie on 5/20/2008 10:08am
WOW!! This song just touches my heart.. Thanks!
by Lady J on 5/30/2008 11:05pm
This song lifts my mood and makes me feel as if I can accomplish any and everything.
by zeyna on 6/1/2008 10:55pm
in love with this song..also the remix by jay lumen..should listen to it...sooo sooo soulful. :)
by Lincoln on 6/2/2008 1:00am
There's just something magically uplifting about the brass crescendo on the second verse.
by SANDRA on 6/12/2008 2:03pm
this song stirs me... i wish though to know the last part of the song... that where the power comes in... does anyone know?
by Magdalena on 6/30/2008 12:00pm
I need to know who wrote this song originally. Anybody knows?
by Dou on 6/30/2008 6:44pm
the song was originally written for a musical. just google the the title of the song and wikipedia should have the info on who wrote it and the name of the film
by Dou on 6/30/2008 6:48pm
personally i think the nina simone version is the best but anythings better than that pussycat dolls abomination
by Nyx on 7/1/2008 3:10pm
in the last verse the lyrics are scent of the pine not scent of the crime
by L. on 7/18/2008 2:19am
Personally, I love Muse's version, but this Nina Simone version is pretty good too.
by ml on 7/20/2008 8:33am
by Nicotine on 10/5/2008 2:20am
Wow... This song makes me want to give up smoking
by ceasha on 10/7/2008 12:23pm
Oh god it's a great song, you knowxD
IIIIII love-it
by Richard M. on 10/9/2008 2:34pm
I remember Traffic (with Steve Winwood on vocals) did a cover of this on their album "Last Exit" around 1970 - about 15 mins of jazz organ improv - quite different from Nina's, but still excellent.
by Kara on 10/11/2008 1:57am
this song just touches the very depth of my soul and makes my heart sing ! I LOVE IT !!
by angela on 10/21/2008 9:49am
A very inpirational song and sang so meaningful and soulful by Nina.
by Francoise on 10/23/2008 5:20pm
Hi, i need to know the name of the musical group who made the cover of this song, not to long ago
by linda on 10/26/2008 2:57pm
i love this song it makes me
feel so emotional
by rochelle on 11/26/2008 7:32am
like this is my fav song and in will be sing this song in front of all my classmates any advice for me
by MaxC on 12/10/2008 5:48am
Thanks for putting these lyrics together.
However, just a small correction. It should read "scent of the PINE" not "scent of the CRIME"
by B.J 01-04-2009 on 1/4/2009 12:36am
thanks for continuing to update, this wonderful artist sight, this is one of my favorite songs.
by Singing B on 1/14/2009 6:46pm
Love this song. Its beautiful and you can appreciate the feelings. Vika & Linda Bull do a wonderful version. Also currently in the new movie 7 pounds (Will Smith)
by Singing B on 1/14/2009 11:32pm
The Muse did a cover Francoise (23/10/08)
by Denny Maguire on 1/17/2009 1:24pm
All time classic, makes me happy whenever i hear it
by Skahoovey on 1/20/2009 8:55pm
Fantastic! Just fantastic!
by john daly on 1/21/2009 3:58pm
wow this song makes me want to take off my pants and go look at my nan
by Ross on 1/24/2009 8:54am
'feeling good' was written by Anthony Newley and Leslie bricusse for the 1965 musical:- " The roar of Greasepaint-the smell of the crowd"
by Rev on 1/25/2009 3:05pm
This is my fav song too. What a lovely tune.
by Stormwhisper on 2/5/2009 5:15pm
Woo hoo!
by Neda Joksimovic on 3/19/2009 4:30pm

Scent of the pine!!!!!

by Sunni on 3/27/2009 9:40pm
glad i found it. i put it on my myspace. i have always love this!
by Butterfly on 4/6/2009 2:07pm
This is MY SONG... I love it. It speaks to me. It moves my soul into the clouds and I dance on the stars. I am learning this and will sing it tonight!
by emily on 6/29/2009 5:36pm
I love this song so much I am walking in to this as I get married!
by Jim Dinsmor on 7/17/2009 4:53am
LOOVE Nina Simone!!!!
by SWEET SONG on 7/19/2009 4:54am
I THANK THIS IS A VERY FEELING SONG.I makes you feel very nice'
by lol on 8/16/2009 12:56pm
This songs seems to make ppl write gay things in comment
WOW!! This song just touches my heart.. Thanks! FAGGOT...
Good song but please control your feelings ppl...
by Tigerlily on 8/17/2009 1:50am
Oh shut up 'lol'. Don't use that language.
I love this song, I was singing it on my way home from school this arvo :)
by Andiroo on 9/13/2009 11:33am
Every day is a new begining!! So celebrste the dawn.
by tinuke on 10/17/2009 3:04pm
this lady is amazing her voise sholdnt give up

by kayla on 11/10/2009 8:50pm
man this song just can touch your heart in so many ways i love this song and nina simone if yall let me i wont to sang this on american idol
by chloe on 12/12/2009 2:56pm
I have just heard this song on xfactor and it is really good. I think that it has amazing lyrics and I enjoyed listening to it !!!
by Jimmy B. on 12/25/2009 11:57pm
Scent of the crime… are you serious? It's "scent of the pine(s)". Please change immediately!
by meredith on 12/31/2009 10:34pm
Please note written by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley for the GREAt musical Roar of the Greasepaint Smell of the Crowd and its broadway rendition by Gilbert Price was incomparable.
by Jojo on 1/10/2010 4:31pm
Small correction. It's "sleep in peace", not "sleepin' peace".
by Mojel on 2/16/2010 1:14am
The Muse vers is awsome aswell, i love the original, but as a Muse fan that vers tops it!
by Angel of America on 2/23/2010 3:40pm
I lorvvvv this song its soooooo good !!!!! Mojel i havn't heard the muse version yet is it good ? i love muse too !! they rock !!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :)
by Realist on 3/7/2010 10:46am
This song is actually pretty gay, and you're somewhat all fags for enjoying it.
by eloïse on 3/17/2010 5:10am
Beautifull, wonderfull song. I love it so mucch
by Genevieve on 3/24/2010 8:24pm
As for the profoundly ignorant, homophobic comment by 'Realist' (3/7/2010) , perhaps you should consider changing your name to 'Real Prick' ! Should not the moderators of this site be reporting such comments that are akin to inciting homophobia ??
by Sandi on 4/2/2010 10:20am
Thank you Nina Simone! R.I.P
by jacob on 4/13/2010 8:53pm
by Britt on 4/25/2010 9:20pm
To lol and Realist, why are you reading the lyrics of a song that you think is "gay" and actually bothering to comment on it if you don't like it? Clearly you're trying to stay in the closet and failing sad.

Both this version and the Muse version are fantastic, but it's Nina and Muse I'm talking about here so that's to be expected really. I'm actually writing a paper about this song for a class right now...which is why I googled the yeah.
by Jesus of Nazarath on 10/1/2010 6:04pm
This makes me want to slap a walrus and dance screaming around my back yard totally naked.
by Haha on 11/17/2010 7:02pm
I think lol is gay
by Fay Gunn on 12/26/2010 3:59pm
This song "rocks me steady"...
by tricky on 12/27/2010 9:00am
first heard this song on 'Point of No Return', song was better than the movie, awesome
by ZeroDrama on 1/12/2011 9:55pm
NO ONE and I mean NO ONE lays it down like Nina Simone. You better ask somebody!
by Mel dee on 2/6/2011 5:17am
I loved the song it is so totay minted
by Selena Gomez on 2/9/2011 2:28pm
This song is amazing I may copy it in my ne abulm in May
by courtney on 2/13/2011 2:41pm
i love to sing this song ova and ova again
by nick boy age22 on 3/23/2011 7:15pm
songs to sub ache hai.03332467669.03422208412
by VeeJayNOLA on 4/12/2011 4:43pm
This is "the" song. I heard it on The Aprilism blog and had to look up the lyrics. I'm going to download the song and play it for the "gloomy" few at work.
by Vardya on 5/7/2011 3:50am
The lyrics is wrong. and spoiling the meaning of the song.
the correct last rimes are:
Stars when you shine you know how I feel
Scent of the pine you know how I feel
Oh freedom is mine
And I know how I feel
by pasoble on 8/3/2011 6:40am
this is so cool
by billy brown on 10/4/2011 3:53am
ohh my god how inspiring it really gets me going :')
by David G on 10/16/2011 9:46am
A few posters have said the line "scent of the crime" should be "scent of the pine". On my version by Nina Simone, she definitely says "scent of the crime" ...... Which I prefer.
by Super amazin girl on 12/14/2011 6:21pm
I watched the video of ronan parke singing this at the britans got talent thingy on you tube and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U MUUUUUUUUUUST WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ED on 12/20/2011 6:13pm
Such a great song and cover by a few, but if you haven't listen to the Michael Buble versions you are missing a real treat.
by Deshawn Fowler on 1/7/2012 9:24am
I've waited all my life for this moment to arrive and finally, I believe in overcoming my obstacle Thank you God I am Feeling Good
by Andrew on 1/17/2012 4:35am
After watching "The Secret" this song became my favorite ;)
by ? on 2/13/2012 9:17am
Realist are you mental - its about the black freedom movement - do you not know your history!
by fuwath. on 2/25/2012 3:31am
hi daiyr am frome srilanka.puttlam
by Jean Walker on 4/10/2012 10:15am
There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the words of this song. Why is that? And what is the problem with knowing exactly what the words are saying by researching what the original writer wrote.
by Darrell Sherman on 4/10/2012 7:03pm
Ronan Parke signing on Britian got talent was the single best moment of my life. I wish him everything in the world the world has to offer. Thanx Ronan. You are the greatest there ever was or will be.
by jenny on 4/12/2012 2:51pm
let me get out thanks
by :) on 6/28/2012 3:32pm
I lov it
by kan on 7/25/2012 12:16pm
let me nice
by $$ on 8/30/2012 11:30am
5he person who actually sang this song was micheal bubble
by lilit on 11/12/2012 6:03pm
its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Bella on 12/15/2012 9:21pm
I have memorized the song
by B on 12/15/2012 9:22pm
I memorized the song
by BABY BOY on 12/18/2012 7:14am
by rosey on 1/2/2013 8:52pm
this is all wrong and there much more too the song " scent if the
crime" is really "scent of the pine" please don't get people miss up
by J on 1/11/2013 4:28pm
I love it
by Maaui on 1/26/2013 11:19pm
It should be, "scene of a crime, you know how I feel", that makes way more sence.
by milly on 10/18/2013 12:21pm
it helped me learn the song
by solly on 1/22/2014 12:54pm
this song is great
by Clara on 4/13/2018 3:39pm
Great song, covers by Muse and Micheal Bauble are also great. Just so you know, in the last verse, it is "sweet sent of PINE you know how I feel," and not "sweet sent of crime"(:
by G Perrett on 7/23/2020 4:46am
Written by Anthony Newly.

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