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Blues For Mama Lyrics

Artist: Nina Simone

Hey Lordy mama
I heard you wasn't feeling' good
They're spreadin' dirty rumors
All around the neighborhood
They say you're mean and evil
And don't know what to do
That's the reason that he's gone
And left you black and blue
Hey yeah
Tell me what you gonna do now

They say he's left you all alone
To weather this old storm
He's got another woman now
Hangin' on his arm, yeah yeah yeah
That old fool's tellin' everybody
He's sick and tired of you
Hey Lordy Lordy mama
What you gonna do
Hey yeah
Tell me what you gonna do

They say you love to fuss and fight
And bring a good man down
And don't know how to treat him
They say you ain't behind him
And just don't understand
And think that you're a woman
But actin' like a man
Hey Lordy mama
What you gonna do now

Get your nerves together, baby
And set the record straight
Set it straight
Let the whole round world know
It wasn't you
That cause his bitter fate
All these years you loved him
And he knows it's true
'Cause what you're wantin'
For your man
Is what he's wantin', too
Hey yeah
Tell me what you gonna do now

When you love a man enough
You're bound to disagree
'Cause ain't nobody perfect
'Cause ain't nobody free
Hey Lordy mama
Tell me what you gonna do
What you gonna do


by Raquel on 9/22/2008 12:15pm
Love Nina, love this lyric. :)
by Constanza on 7/2/2010 1:52pm
I think this song is really good! It reflects that in the socaity in wich this song was written women were supposed to be faithful to their husbands, and to always comtemt them, while men deserved to be served and always do to what they wanted, whether it affected their wives or not. In this song the husband leaves the woman wich this song talks about, and all the neighburhood criticizes her because they think her husband´s departure is her fault. The truth is that the man was irresponsible and unconstant. He didn´t have affection towards his wife even when she loved him and respected him ,wich was her supposed duty. But when the woman finds another love every one criticizes her because she is ¨acting like a man¨keping with this new love a relationship of equality. Lukyly this situation has improved itself and women are less repressed,though sexism still exists.
by ingrid. on 2/6/2011 7:55am
After:and don't know how to treat him
comes: when he takes you on the town

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