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Eternal Lyrics

Artist: Nightingale
Album: Alive Again: the Breathing Shadow. Part IV

Anyway the wind blows.
I know you will return
And we will face it all again.
Now someone calls my name
I here the echoes in the rain
Now you have come for me

I can see the dark reflection
I can feel it in the air
The beginning of the end
I hear the voices call
Knowing that there's no hope at all
Soon I will join the dead

When I'm gone, I'm gone forever
I will never tell you
The reason why I left you all alone

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes
The pride and passion
The trials and the tribulations end tonight

And I'm never gonna be there when you stumble
I'm never gonna be there when you fall.
I hope that someone out here will remember (then) to tell you about me.

(And) suddenly the world was filled with silence
And even though the moonlight disappeared
I can see my destiny before me
It's real, no delusion.

I can feel my blood run cold
Oh, the creature I behold
It's got the kingdom of the night in its hands
The world around is liquefied
All the life around me died
I feel so weak and now a power is taking over me

Now I feel his energy surround me
I'm falling lifeless to the ground
Paralyzed I'm fading
Beyond you, beyond me

Shadowland, a place of beauty
A world eternal
Where wonders will never cease to be
A bed of nails or a bed of roses
Your life can end here
Or be sent back into reality again

I realize I'm deep inside of nowhere
The chamber where the shadows seal your fate
(And) I'm sure that there is someone else here with me
And it feels like I know you

Now the shadowman is rising here before me
I can see him glowing in the dark
Then I hear the echo of a whisper
You're over (you're over), I'm eternal (I'm eternal)

We must improve the shining hour
Her soul is laid to rest
We will never meet again
Your life is in our hands
Please live to fight another day
Someone will come for you

She has put us on the mettle
Practice what you preach
We must find a mother to the son
A boy as right as rain
Still far too young to share the pain
We'll find you another home

The cradle is left in a doorway
For the world to find him
If we only have faith in the angels
Someone will take you to their heart

You awake and cry out in anger
Now the world have found you
A hush bye in the arms of a stranger
Maybe they have found a home for you

I watch your tear-filled face
So pure in a state of grace
If the wish is the father to the thought
You are the answer to my prayers
I know it can be true
Someone will come for you
But until then I keep you warm
And be the mother your deserve

[Lead: TN/DS]

Although the world have been untold
It's like the truth won't unfold
Why have you come here?
Why am I the one?

You're bringing hope to my world
And put an end to my grief
Of all the loved ones I've lost my days
You are the light inside

For a decade and half
For more than five thousand days
(It's) you have been here by my side
(And) you have grown so tall and strong
(And) even though I know that you won't stay forever
And that both of us will leave this world one day
Our bonds will be eternal
Our bonds will be eternal
Our bonds will be eternal
Our bonds will be eternal
Our bonds will be eternal

Our bonds will be eternal

[Guitars: DS]
[12 string: TN]
[Keyboards: DS]


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