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Life's A Bitch Lyrics

Artist: Nas
Album: Illmatic

featuring AZ the Visualiza (trumpet by Olu Dara)

[AZ] Aiyyo wassup wassup let's keep it real son
Count this money yaknowhatI'msayin?
[Nas] Yea yea
[AZ] Aiyyo put the Grant's over there in the safe yaknowhatI'msayin?
[Nas] Yea yea
[AZ] Cause we spendin these Jackson's
The Washington's go to wifey you know how that go
[Nas] I'm sayin that's what this is all about right?
Clothes bankrolls and hoes yaknowhatI'msayin?
Yo then what man, what?? *echoes*

Verse One: AZ the Visualiza

Visualizin the realism of life and actuality
Fuck who's the baddest a person's status depends on salary
And my mentality is, money orientated
I'm destined to live the dream for all my peeps who never made it
cause yeah, we were beginners in the hood as five percenters
But somethin must of got in us cause all of us turned to sinners
Now some, restin in peace and some are sittin in San Quentin
Others such as myself are tryin to carry on tradition
Keepin the schwepervesence street ghetto essence inside us
Cause it provides us with the proper insight to guide us
Even though, we know somehow we all gotta go
but as long as we leavin thievin we'll be leavin with some kind of dough
so, and to that day we expire and turn to vapors
me and my capers-ll be somewhere stackin plenty papers
Keepin it real, packin steel, gettin high
Cause life's a bitch and then you die

Chorus: AZ the Visualiza

Life's a bitch and then you die; that's why we get high
Cause you never know when you're gonna go
Life's a bitch and then you die; that's why we puff lye
Cause you never know when you're gonna go
Life's a bitch and then you die; that's why we get high
Cause you never know when you're gonna go
Life's a bitch and then you die; that's why we puff lye
--> chorus #1 echoes at the end

Cause you never know when you're gonna go
Life's a bitch and then you die
--> chorus #2 includes these lines, echoes at the end

Verse Two: Nas

I woke up early on my born day, I'm twenty years of blessing
The essence of adolescent leaves my body now I'm fresh in
My physical frame is celebrated cause I made it
One quarter through life some God-ly like thing created
Got rhymes 365 days annual plus some
Load up the mic and bust one, cuss while I puffs from
my skull cause it's pain in my brain vein money maintain
Don't go against the grain simple and plain
When I was young at this I used to do my thing hard
Droppin foreigners take they wallets they jewels and rip they green cards
Dipped to the projects flashin my quick cash
and got my first piece of ass smokin blunts with hash
Now it's all about cash in abundance, niggaz I used to run with
is rich or doin years in the hundreds
I switched my motto -- instead of sayin fuck tommorrow
That buck that bought a bottle could've struck the lotto
Once I stood on the block, loose cracks produce stacks
I cooked up and cut small pieces to get my loot back
Time is Illmatic keep static like wool fabric
Pack a four-matic that crack your whole cavity


*Olu Dara plays trumpet until fade*


by Street Ace on 12/24/2008 9:43pm
illmatic illmatic illmatic the ultimate, from street life description "robbing foreigners" to phylosophy "instead of sayin fuck tomorrow..." still relevant in 2008. Incredible!!!!
by Jean-Claude Mutabazi a.k.a "GB" on 2/15/2009 7:57am
Whassup I wanna give a shout out 2 ma nigga NAS "Escobar" and I rate him among the top five best rappers of all time alongside guys like Makaveli, Dre,Cube and Snoop and ahead of Jigga no doubt.Lets go!!!!
by Molebogeng on 11/19/2009 1:20pm
Instead of sayin fuck tomorrow that buck that bought the bottle could have struck the lotto....thats y he is the best rapper alive his work does not know time even today its still blazing hot 15 yeas later....nice man
by naser on 1/29/2013 11:15am
king nas...

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