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Granpa Gametight Lyrics

Artist: Murphy Lee
Album: Murphy's Law

Hook [Murphy Lee]
Hey Maa, what ya need, what ya like?
You can get it from Granpa Gametight
She looks at me and she says..
"I wanna go outside in the rain"
So I took her...So I took her
I packed all her bags yes I took her
I took me a drag then I took her

Verse 1 [Murphy Lee]
To be pacific she in summin fitted when I visit
"Murphy why you gotta go?" Oh, just so you can miss it
She like me for my huggin' and kissin' and how I listen
And how I, talk wit precision, how I make my decisions
She like my, Pimp Juice potion, my motion in the ocean
And how I, keep you hot but the johnson be frozen
How I treat you in the mornin', mami you know how I be
Gotta job, not a hobby, so I'll walk you to the lobby
"Can I at least see you later?" Now you know I gotta party
People askin' who ordered, they just victims of me and 'Cardi
They ain't the same when they get out the hood
Man I offer a fish sandwich and show em the goods
I kick fine lines, sometimes got cool things to say like
Fuck tomorrow what you doin' today?
"Ah, you a baby" Hey hey, compliments? okay
Anyway I'm Murphy Lee, you wanna plaay?

Hook [Murphy Lee]

Verse 2 [Murphy Lee]
I'm like a new deck of cards, dert hard to deal wit
Can't live without me and I'm hard to live wit
My toilet don't take no shit
Plus most women need Murphy Lee like a makeup kit
I'm too nice, my future read two wives
I'm too right wit two dykes in the mirror of a new bike
I'm so the da the da the da
That the women don't mind comin out they drawers and bras
For the young brotha, the Young Dude, we young dudies
Yours truly, baby you and Murphy Lee the Skoolie
Homeboy! still cool, movies in the jacuzzi
Eatin french fries, wit belly warmers and wives
See I try to do right but the women keep callin'
They like bill collectors, they won't stop callin'..
(*Phone Ringing*)

[Murphy Lee & (Girl)]
St. Louis
(Hello? I just wanna go outside..)

Hook [Murphy Lee]

Verse 3 [Murphy Lee]
Sometimes I feel like I'm from Georgia
'Cause I got G-A-M-E
I'm a pimp that's fo' sho then I Boom like Benny
I only seen a few but I've been through plenty
And that plenty don't believe that I'm 20
I got this lady 31, she be like "damn he young"
Like Pamela, I deal wit her AND HER SON
I'd be hittin her AND HER BLUNT
And when it cost too much, I'd buy her friends AND HER LUNCH
See I'm summin like a playa man, summin you know nuttin about
Lost the words man, nuttin it ya mouth
My women like to say "Down South"
Yes Yes, I guess the Midwest would the middle of my chest
Love the attention that the ladies provide
I'm a Sagittarius that need a nice variety
I'm Bad Boy like Mike Lawrey, call the fireman
All my workin' ladies be in on Saturday

Hook [Murphy Lee]


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