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Dr. Feelgood Lyrics

Artist: Motley Crue
Album: Dr. Feelgood

Rat tailed Jimmy is a second hand hood
He deals out in Hollywood
Got a '65 Chevy primered flames
Traded for some powdered goods
Jigsaw Jimmy he's runnin' a gang
But I hear he's doin' O.K.
Got a cozy little job sells the Mexican mob
Packages of candycaine

He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood
He's the one that makes ya feel alright
He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood

Cops on the corner always ignore
Somebody's getting paid
Jimmy's got it wired, Law's for hire
Got it make in the shade
Got a little hideaway, does business all day
But at night he'll always be found
Selling sugar to the sweet
People on the street
Call this Jimmy's town

He's gonna be your Frankenstein

I've got one thing you'll understand
He's not what you'd call a glamorous man
Got one thing that's easily understood
He's the one they call Dr. Feelgood

He'll tell you he's the king
Of these Barrio streets
Moving up to Shangri La
Came by his wealth as a matter of luck
Says he never broke no law
Two time loser running out of juice
Time to move out quick
Heard a rumour going round
Jimmy's going down
This time it's gonna stick

He's gonna be your Frankenstein

Let him soothe your soul, just take his hand
Some people call him an evil man
Let him introduce himself real good
He's the only one they call "Feelgood"


by Brandy shields on 7/5/2008 12:23pm
this song rocks my sox.
woop woop
im queer :)
by Mike on 9/22/2008 2:37pm
Greatest crue song, period
by Vince on 10/29/2008 4:55pm
This tune gives me the sniffles!

Motley Crue Lyrics
Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood Lyrics

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