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Artist: Morrissey
Album: Vauxhall & I

Say, Billy Budd
So you think you should ?
Oh, everyone's laughing
Say, Billy Budd
So you think that you should ?
Everyone's laughing !
Since I took up with you

Things have been bad
Yeah, but now it's 12 years on
Now it's 12 years on
Yes, and I took up with you

I took my job application
Into town
Did you hear ? They turned me down
Yes, and it's all because of us
Oh, and what was in our eyes
Oh, what was in our eyes, yeah

I said, Billy Budd
I would happily lose
Both of my legs
I would lose both of my legs
Oh, if it meant you could be free
Oh, if it meant you could be free

(Don't leave us in the dark!)


by kari sanchez (mOzZeR cHiKa) on 2/19/2009 1:38pm
sounds like u cant get over someone... the moz god
by Izura on 7/23/2012 2:41am
It is inspired by the book Billy Budd, from Hermann Melville. Billy was the "pretty sailor" of a ship, basically a very good and naive man, who happens to kill a man, a vicious man. Billy gets executed for his crime, i think thats what "If it meant you could free" line means. Good people should suffer, possibly that`s what he meant on the song. Very nice song, been hearing it a lot.

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