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Roc-a-Fella Get Low Respect It Lyrics

Artist: Memphis Bleek
Album: M.A.D.E.

(Just Blaze)

You know...we'd always call each other Roc-a-Fellas like you say to somebody "Your gonna like this guy, he's one of us, he's Roc-a-Fella".....ya understand? we're the Roc-a-Fellas.....gangsta....but not just any rapper could be made I mean to become a member of Roc-a-Fella, you gotta be 100% from the street that can trace your name all the way back to your old hood.

See it's the highest honor they can give you. Means you belong to a dynasty. Means nobody can fuck around with you. Also means you could fuck around with anyone just as long as they weren't a member of Roc-a-Fella.
It's like a license to steal. It's like a license to do anything. And with Jay stepping down.... it was Bleek's turn to be made.


(Memphis Bleek)'s young eaze...
Get the building...(yea)....we back....
M.A.D.E......everybody ready (ready?)
It's that new shit ya hear.......
Yo gu...lets do it for these niggas....

"Ayo Roc-a-Fella Records, running the streets reckless
get low the future, you gotta respect it"

The hood still in back of me, gun still beside of me
still for the street, hoe's the wanna ride with me
Big print like I just hit lottery
like ya'll can't see a nigga straight from poverty
Be ghetto or gutter where you don't come around
some dudes make records, they say they underground but
I choose not to go that far cuz I was born here pa
I don't gotta write bars
You niggas see my scars, and you know my story
I'm all for the war, I'm bout' guts and glory
Them other dudes fuck with ya'll I can't do it
I don't gotta sell my soul to sell music
I put the beat on murda or roll a weed up
put it on the street, one week watch it heat up
Heavy rotation rockin' on hot nine, (Hot 97)
you niggas get your money right cuz I got mind
And it's....


I've been in it since nine six, before I could drive whips
been focus of gettin paid, before +Coming of Age+
Niggas they understand the border became a man
loyal to all my peeps this why I did for the fam
Who the fuck-want-what
None of you niggas Im right back
cuz I aint done wit' the buisness
Some niggas owe me a check, niggas owe me respect
I give you good game, I told you I've been made
And it's.......


And I'm from M to the A to the R-C-Y
so many niggas be hatin' they don't want me to ride
but, you see bleek just living his life
instead you wanna see a nigga throwin that iron
Well, so be it.......
It's many dudes in the team that ain't family now
and ya'll see it
Dynasty thought, it remain the same
so everytime you throw it up
you know who changed the game homie
The Roc army, get low and state property
caked up in real estate, they never play monopoly
But why them niggas wanna act all aggy'
cuz of the bigger plate and I got more baggies
But shit where's the love, I could tell you where there
nuttin over here but new guns and slugs
And it's all about the butter, you ain't listen baby boy
that the Roc will never lose, we just build and detroy
And it's........

"Roc-a-Fella Records, running the streets reckless
get low the future, you gotta respect it"


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