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Who Want Some Lyrics

Artist: Master P
Album: Good Side, Bad Side

[Chorus 4X: Master P]
Who said he want some
Boy you don't want none
We wile out in the club and that dum diddy dum dum

[Master P]
I like them girls but I don't fuck with them haters
We in the club hella deep like the No Limit raiders
And uh, I don't know what they told you boy
But we the new No Limit fuckin' soldiers boy
We got the club so rowdy and we 'bout that shit
I done chilled for a minute now I'm back to making hits
And I'm back to slanging Cris and put these little boys on the pine
And I'm back to tear the club up and claim what's mine
I'm the realest that you see, I'm the realest that you know
We gonna party in this bitch till they shut down the doors
Then, after the party it's the afterparty
And if the girls get naughty it's the hotel lobby


[Master P]
Now if you bout it, then say you bout it bout it
If you came to act a fool then it's time to get rowdy (what)
Represent your hood boy, we thug it like that
It ain't where you from boy, it's where you at
T-shirts and du-rags, and we don't give a fuck
We came to this party to get this motherfucker buck
We break bread, and wile out in the club
If that ain't your girl tell her to show a nigga love
And I don't give a fuck, represent where you at
Them thugs in the front and them gangstas in the back
Soldier rags in the air, raise up them tanks
Three fuckin' mothers and them pass me the dranks (uhhh)

[Chorus - 1/2]

Who said he want some (Chicago, Texas)
Boy you don't want none (Carolina, Alabama)
We wile out in the club and that dumb diddy dumb dumb (Missisippi, Georgia, Florida, Ohio)

Tennessee (motherfucker, where they at, who want some, there they go) [repeat in background]
D.C. [Chorus repeats in background]
New York
The bayou
The whole state of Louisiana getting hotter
Hit 'em up
Hawaii and Oklahoma getting buck

Who wants some, who wants some
Motherfucker, who wants some


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