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Not Lookin' Lyrics

Artist: Mary J. Blige
Album: Mary

Mary J Blige f/ K-Ci

[K-Ci] (Mary)
Yeah (ooh)
I'm not looking (oh no, no)
I'm not looking
No, no, no, nono, no, no, no baby
(I'm not looking either)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
(Don't wanna talk to you)
Sit down and let me talk to you
(Oh save it, save it, save it)
For a little while my sugar
(You've been talking for too long baby)
Yeah (Go ahead, go ahead)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Whatcha gotta say
Whatcha gonna say this time
How many lies are you gonna tell

[K-Ci] (Mary)
Oh, don't be afraid (oh)
About what your gonna hear right now baby oh
Listen, listen
(What is it?)
I'm not trying to fall in love with you
I just wanna hit you with my groove
Yes I do, yes I do
What I'm trying to say I'm not trying to be mean
No, no, no, no, no, but baby can you respect my honesty
I'm trying to tell you I'm not looking

I'm not looking for no love affair
Won't nobody tell you that they seen me there
So I don't need you tripping, trying to take me there
I'm not looking for no love affair
I'm not looking for no love affair
Won't nobody tell you that they seen me there
So I don't need you tripping, trying to take me there
Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary

[Mary] (K-Ci)
You think you got what it takes to please me
I'm not impressed by your honesty, oh no, no
I don't need you to tell me how I like good, good, good
I don't need it, no
(I know you don't)
Cause I've been here and back around my hood (ooh)
And I'm trying to tell you something

2 - [Mary]
I'm not looking for no player shit
Not when everybody is trying to get with
You see I don't need you here just to get a hit
I'm not looking for no player shit

Repeat 2

Where were you when everything was going down
I left my man and didn't have no one around
See I don't need it, I don't want it
You're another nigga for it
You think that you can get it
Know right now I'm not gonna let it

[K-Ci] (Mary)
Oh please stop fronting on that player shit (oh)
I heard around the town that you were still down with it
(Oh nigga please)
If you think I don't know, sugar let me tell you so
(Oh really oh)
Let me in, let's begin, but I want to be friends
(Stop playing with me)

I'm not looking for no player shit (yeah)
Oh not when everybody's trying to get with me
(I'm not even trying baby)
All day and all night you fool, I don't need it
Don't need it
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
I swear tired of playing games
(My mind, mind, mind is all confused)
I don't wanna be down, go ahead, go ahead (go ahead, oh)
I don't wanna be down, I'm tired of playing games
Tired of chasing your egomaniac, egotistical, chest sticking out (oh baby)
Think you got the gift of the world, oh
(That's not me, that's not me, that's not me)
Hate to do it to you like this
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
But I got to do it cause it's only right
To let you know I'm not looking for no arrogant, egotistical player shit
(I hear you)
Do you really hear me, then hear this
(Ooh oh)
I'm sick and tired of chasing you
(I understand you baby)
Sick and tired of holding you
(I said I hear you)
Go ahead, go ahead
All my ladies stand up and clap
(I understand you)
If you feel me, if you feel me
(I'm so sorry baby)
Come with something better than that
I know your sorry


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