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We Got It Sewn Lyrics

Artist: Maestro Fresh Wes
Album: Built To Last

featuring Jason Simmons

This joint over here is dedicated to all the single mommys
All the single mommys worldwide this is for y'all
Maestro just hold your head
For real check this shit out

You're a black Mona Lisa named Tanisha
Bonafide features
Aires' my sign you're a libre
Got my open on your Etheopian attitude
Your body queen of the empire I feel your fire
Your eyes are hazel, and everytime that your perform graze my nasal
I wanna french kiss your naval
Got the joint I wanna put a lock on, box I wanna knock on
Give me a finger one time, I'll put a rock on
I used to dick many, I stick plenty
Now I sit back, relax, cool out
And meditate on a life I never thought of before
You got me open, look what's happenin'
Ill thoughts are vanishin'
I'm managin' to formulate goals and plans
Plus I know your daughter love me
'Cause everytime I leave your crib she wanna hug me
But don't sweat it, I'll treat her like my own
You're not alone, let's build a home
I'm in the zone

[Chorus: Jason Simmons]
We got it sewn, baby
We got it sewn
You're never alone
'Cause we got it sewn

You make me wanna effervess when I hit your treasure chest
Never fess, finish college though, boo
Just one semester left
And they'll never be a cuter nurse, that's how I feel
It's me and you against the universe, you know the deal
I represent the land, you represent the water
Motivated by your strength, plus the way you raise your daughter
(on the real) She's a part of me, 'cause she's a party of you
To start a family, is what I wanna do
Alot of niggas can get a single mother stressed
Get the child attatched, then the brothers wanna jet
You know my repitoire, I'll never leave you
'Cause you're top-notch
Just like the cutie that my pops got
I hold it down with your crib still
I taught your daughter how to read and plus I'll help you keep your fridge
So study hard, I got your back, you're not alone
Let's build a home, I'm in the zone


[Jason Simmons]
I'll be the shoulder you can cry on
I'll always be around
No need to worry 'bout a thing
I'll never let you down
We got it sewn

I never met a greater dime, you were made to shine
Single motherhood ain't easy, but you keep your state of mind
A special friend to me, your ebony shell is heavenly
Your pedigree, your feminity is givin' me energy
To make a flyer plan, movin' to a higher land
Fuck walkin' behind, boo, you walk beside your man
That's what the others say, but you got another way
Don't get out of bed, sweetheart, happy mothers day
You know the deal, I got your back, you're not alone
We got it sewn, Let's build a home
I'm in the zone

All the single mommys, just hold your head
Mr. Maes' signing out now



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Maestro Fresh Wes Lyrics
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