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Money Gets Lyrics

Artist: Mac
Album: Shell Shocked

featuring Master P

[Master P Talking]

Yo Mac nigga
The only reason I'm telling you this nigga
Cuz I care 'bout you nigga
I wanna see you ball til' you fall nigga but you know what
You know what come with muthafuckin' money and fame?
Muthafuckin' enemies and niggas hatin'
You see you rich now nigga but ahh
Dead men can't spend no muthafuckin' money

[Chorus Master P]

Keep yo' eyes on yo' enemies and watch your friends
See money get you power, but it also get you dead

Keep yo' eyes on yo' enemies, and watch your friends
See money get you sex, but it also get you dead

Keep yo' eyes on yo' enemies, and watch your friends
See money get you respect, but it also get you dead

Keep yo' eyes on yo' enemies, and watch your friends
See money brang power, but that's why it gets you dead

[Master P]

You see a wise man told me to keep your eyes on a sparrow
And don't get caught up like my lil' homies Harrold and Darryl
You see, this shit ain't the same nigga
Times done changed
How many homies out there chasin' fortune and fame
You see, a richeous man, he learns to preach and uhh
Intelligent man, he love to teach
But these ghetto wars got us trapped in
Crack sells, 1-8-7, 2-1-1's, even the state pen
The penitentury ain't no place for me
God, won't yah hear me, make a way for me
And to my homies that are gone, I hope they rest in peace
And we gon' ball til' we fall why we roll the streets

[Chorus--Master P]


Somebody ask me how it feel to have change
How I feel to be a major muthafucka in this game
I'll told them, let the sunshine turn to rain
In other words, that's cool but a lot of shit I can't explain
Bitches say they love me, but I can't really believe 'em
Who wouldn't wanna love me, I got money and I'm succedin'
Them bitches got niggas, niggas got bitches, they be plottin'
You show 'em your crib
Next week they kickin' in yo' spot
And it's a shame when niggas bust your brains with the stripes
It seems like I'm the only nigga trippin' on my life
At night I say my prays with my vest on
My triggas under my pillows
I'm even scared to get my rest on
Runnin' with them killas that'll ride for me, die for me
Open fire for me, wouldn't lie to me
I watch my back, I watch my front
I watch them niggas, I watch them bitches
In fact I think they all tryna kill Mac

[Chorus--Master P]

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