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Covert Lyrics

Artist: Lush
Album: Spooky


I'm hiding inside me
Eye sees through my smile
As I shine
For the eyes of another

Let him inscribe
What he admires
Let him inspire
So many lies
I can provide
Any disguise

Night folds me beside you
I hide from your eyes
For I know
This illusion is kinder
Than what you'll find
If I reveal
My crime

My deception
My invention
My obsession

You may despise
What you may find
Hiding behind
All of the lies
Let me provide
One more disguise

You won't understand me
I can't let you try
Still I dream
Of the day you discover

I am the spy


by Laura on 4/28/2012 4:55pm
So this song seems to be about a girl's (possibly Miki's?) relationship with a boy who thinks he has her pegged as a good girl but is totally unaware of the intricate cloak of lies she's woven all about herself and her "extracurricular activities." Despite this, she cares for and wants to protect this boy from her lies but fantasises about him finding out the depth of her betrayal? I could be way off.

My favourite thing about Lush songs is how every one of them is like a musical puzzle.

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