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Look Like You Lyrics

Artist: Lil' Wyte
Album: Phinally Phamous

im slumbed out right now
that aint no surprise
dialated pupils
see'n doubles out both my eyes
i hit up little spark
got him out for no charge
he fuck wit his boy
xanax bars call them toldem poles or even tonka toys
i popped half and popped the other half and hit the crown
then put my shot glass down and pour another round
im startin to feel everything i just put in to my body
liquor and bars got me right though i might look retarded
get up out my way little cracka wit the k
even though im fucked up i can still maintain
got sumthin in my brain it can do things man
like turn a sane mans ass off insane
im a monster when im high especially on some bars
dont need to cop liriclly you can catch a charge
runnin down the street yellin fuck the police
reeboks on my feet high from those bars
ima hold my ground and rep my memphis
pop my pill and smoke all my d-ro
be fucked up all in public
fallin down on crackers and negros
oh you think you know little wyte
im tellin you right tonight
you hold out ima find out
betta pull em out and pass them sticks around


toldem poles, candy bars even yellow ladders
tonka toys, white sticks it dont really matter
if you got em pass that shit around
i wanna look like you
if you got em pass that shit around
i wanna look like you

one little pill you can break down into fours
gauranteed when mixed wit liquor it goin have you on the floor
take advantage of the power this stick* put off every hour
dont try to ova do it you goin to find yo self off in da showa
this is not some powder the effects are completely different
you are not a coward if you pop one and get scared of this shit
you might forget* wut you did the night before if you want em
betta get somebody to be with ya only if they ass is soba
gotta keep my fuckin brain on
checkin lanes only if the beat bang
ill only be able to do my thang
know wut i got to do and
when or what i gotta rock
bust out my nine goin to take da shit to da top
when you see me in da street betta believe me
this cracker here is off the hee
memphis tennessee is my stompin ground
and xanax bars is wut balance me
this weed in me and hennesse
all over my akademiks tee
was fucked up and dont remember shit
but fallin up out the s.u.v
they serious dont play wit em
if you cant handle em come my way em
ill take em to da bay deal or even slang wit em
goin give my female an all night bang wit em bitch


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