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Play No Games Lyrics

Artist: Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz
Album: Kings of Crunk

Chorus:Repeat 2x's
I aint really here to play no games (girl)
You already know my name (girl)
Freaky deaky cuz it aint no thang (girl)
All fa luuuvvvvvvvvvvv

Aint no tellin what a bitch cha do,
For the doe she'll probably get on four and fuck the crew.
Down south, up north be the same as bitches,
Man locked up her momma watchin the children,
Talkin bout my neck my back,
Bitch you better learn how to chop rocks if yo wanna get wiht Crack (uh)
I been in love once, least i thought that, til i fucked around and hit a
draw back.
Got burnt, now you figure the rest. Dick hurt like a pissin beggats.
Now i'm living depressed. Should of known better than to trust a hoe,
especially if she wanna know how much doe u hold.
Cuz there aint too many real bitches, if you got one hold on. You dont wanna be
nobody's meal ticket (right)
And you know it dont mean shit to me cuz you know bitches aint shit to me.

Chorus:Repeat 2x's

You see the problem with them busta ass niggaz you was fuckin with.
Alwayz watchin shit but neva taugtcha shit.
Did he eva tell you some thangs that a playa do,
That made you wether life was more than a hair do.
Boy i tell you, you better deal with them real niggaz and stay far away from
fuck niggaz.
Dont be a sucka hell at least not for nothin.
Suckin and fuckin well a bitch betta have somethin.
I need something that's competible, not nothin young and dumb, but full
of cum.
and one thats edible or better
A nigga like t double get it wetter
Suck and fuck her better than the average nigga.
I need a girl thats into tryin thangz so I can put it her mouth
And one that aint into mind games.
I know shes a mommas girls and im a street nigga.
And once we get together I be that she will sleep better.

Chorus:Repeat 2x's

ATL nigga shawty pimpins how i put it down.
Gridin hard at the gate
Steady ridin through yo town
23 on yo truck, ask me if i give a fuck
Rallys on that 75 rollin up 85.
Lookin for some cut like you tryna see what you gon do
Shawty I aint playin no games.
I aint tryina be yo man.
I just wanna cut you up
Slice you up like cold cut
Lay you down and eat you up
Shawty, slow up in the butt

Now its something like a freak
Part time pimp.
Big block cheavy rider all through Decatur
Wanna know my name, well its Big Sam
And I play no games with these hoes, cuz that lame
Let me break it down
Tell you right now
If you see me in yo town belive its goin down.
And all i wanna do is cut you and you crew
So let me know whats up with yo girl and u.

Chorus:Repeat 2x'


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Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz Lyrics
Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz Kings of Crunk Lyrics

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