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We Ain't Playin Lyrics

Artist: Lil' Flip
Album: U Gotta Feel Me

ft./ Pastor Troy, Killer Mike, Baby D

We, We Aint Playin'
We, We Aint Playin'
We, We Aint Playin'
We, We Aint Playin'

[Lil Flip]
Im smokin' blunts wit my niggaz im pullin trigga's fo cash
Promoters comin' up short we put that heat on they ass
Cuz when that shot-gun blast they aint no stoppin' dem shells
U doin shows every day butchu aint clockin' no mil
I'm in da ATL fuckin' wit killa's n thugs
Jus book me fo' a show n' watch me fill up da club
I get nuthin but love i ride nuttin but dubs
You steady talkin' dat shit butchu wont box me wit gloves
Dont make me fuck up ya mug dont make me wire ya jaw
Im neva scared like Bone Crusher so go hire a law
So he can watch yo back i hope you gotcho gat
You aint soundscanin' shit so how you gotcho plaque

We Aint Playin' (what they stressin nigga)
We Aint Playin' (what they yellin nigga)
We Aint Playin' (what they stressin nigga)
We Aint Playin' (what they yellin nigga)

[Pastor Troy]
Im bout to bust me a head im bout to hurt me a ho'
Im in da club on dis remy nigga n im puffin on dro
You already know dis is P.T.
N there aint nann nigga in hear gon' fuck wit me
I roll wi lil flip lettin' dem hollows rip
Right at yo chest plate i cant fuckin wait
Until a nigga cross my path you do the math
I got thirty in my clip tell dem niggaz lil flip


[Killer Mike]
Nigga play witcha self I bring mo' drama than a shakespear play when i pull that K
up off tha shelf
Shot the deputy and the sheriff
I got my crew need no one else
Lose me crew smoke by myself, drink by meself Sit in tha crib n plot by myself
Back to tha block servin' rocks by myself
Back to tha block nigga check yo self
Dis on me dont play yo self
You can free style ima pay myself
Money over bitches never change myself
You love ho's I love myself Wake up in tha mornin n hug myself
When i hang wit flip we leanin left Wit a flock of ho's like G's n Pimp's

[Baby D]
When i step in tha club errybody gettin up cuz they kno im fittin ta make em jump
From the north to tha south to tha east to that west put it up, represent it n get it crunk
Oh ho tha way u bouncin it on tha floor lemme ask ya lil shawty whutchu really really wanna do
I kno you got 50 niggaz but i got 50 niggaz matta fact me n flip make it 52
Stay ready to act a fool
thowin them ladies up on tha stage
Give me 3 steps back ya nigga or get hazed delay in my state come and fuck up ya show
It's goin down in dis bitch tonite u kno
Kickin in do's givin em hell weigh in on the set i'm bout to rip da scale
ATL keepin em bouncin out tha hood keep tha hatas shook we aint playin my nigga we'll fuck u up


Yea this is anotha BKGO Production
DJ Mike Tate, Freddy D, MC Assault n BKGO
We Doin' this shit wit Lil' Flip, Baby D, Killa Mike, Pastor Troy
You know it's goin' down.....YEAH



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