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I Got Flow Lyrics

Artist: Lil' Flip
Album: The Leprechaun

Cause I got flow, you know I got flow
If I ain't in your gal, I'm in the studio
Cause I got flow, you know I got flow
I'm da freestyle king, I ain't no freestyle pro
I got flow, you know I got flow
If I ain't in your gal, I'm in the studio
Cause I got flow, you know I got flow
I'm da freestyle king, I ain't no freestyle pro
I got flow

(Verse 1)
Look, I put diamonds in your face I'm Lil' Flip, you know me
I chill with Big H.A.W.K., C-Note, and Pokey
Used to do karaoke, now I'm da freestyle king
You wanna see the platinum in my mouth and my Byzantine
I go to juney cause my piece shine bright
If I look into the sun, my teeth shine bright
I ride to the left, I swang to da right
They like, Lil' Flip let me see your chain in the light
When I step on stage I leave you wit your mouth open
I go to Papdeux or I might go to Copeland
Fly to Oakland and do a song with Too $hort
All Mann my pants I gatta take'em back dey ain't too starched
I be ballin', I be crawlin' that's all I do
Represent the Screwed Up Click with DJ Screw
I'm da freestyle king I said it once I'd said it twice
I don't wear no other name brand shoe but Nikes


(Verse 2)
Look, ain't nobody down-south wreckin' Flipper
Got da brand-new Bentley with the inspection sticker
Or I might be in da Jag, or I might be in the plane
Da diamonds on my ring or dey might be on my chain
I'm looking good, I'm dress good, I feel good
I stay right between S. A. and Hillwood
Cloverland on da map I know you know that
Every song I put out BABY, I wrote that
But I'm freestylin' comin' from da top of my dome
I got satellites all at da top of my home
I got diamonds all on da top of my phone
I got ice and it's all on da top of my cone
Im a balla, I chill with my partner Taz
We be ballin' out of control, NBA live wit da Jazz
He might dunk on me, I might dunk on him
But it don't really matter, drank da drank its on da rim
of da cup, I mo buck, I'm slidin' n creepin'
Dey be like Lil' Flip, South side we sippin'
I represent my hood, Cloverland, its in the air
Hell Yeah! I swear like my name was Andre Wear
In da pocket I'm like a rocket, I'm gone a explode
And every time on stage, I do it throwed
And every time I do a song, I show off
I put the mic down buddy, I go off
Cause I'm the freestyle king


(Verse 3)
I might go to college, I might do my work
I wear a piece andchain that u can see through my shirt
I got ten Escalades, and three of them tinted
I got a PrimCo phone with three million minutes
You might see me at the summit looking lovely
You might see me in the Jag and its bubbly
You might see me with Kryst-al and Moet
You might see me with a platinum Rolex
You might see me just laying on the hill
You might see diamonds just laying on my grill
You might see me just playing in the field
I'm Lil' Flip .freestyle king, I gatta get a deal



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