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Keep It Tight Lyrics

Artist: Lauryn Hill
Album: DJ Skribble's Traffic Jams

[(Lauryn "L Boogie" Hill) Singing in parentheses]
Yo... (Can I see you?)
Lauryn Hill on the track... (In the morning)
New art got my back...
DJ Skribble just relax haha! I'm a get you the joint! haha! (Can I see
Yeah...morning (In the morning!)
Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh!

As I span the cosmos (The cosmos)
Mahogany travel at the speed of sound (Sound)
Span the mainstream but still esteemed underground (Unh!)
My parameters, and wrap up contaminants
Travel twice Earth's diameter, intimidating amateurs (Intimidating...what?!)
At the Apollo, I played the shepherd sheep followed (Sheep followed)
Chicks try to model after me like I'm Tyra [(Like I'm Tyra) Pause] Banks
Wanna thank me because my statements are prodigious (...digious)
Styles so prestigious, make a sinner act religious (Act religiouus)
Street academics, seen alot of girls mimic (Huh)
But when it's all over you can tell who's the gimmick (You can tell!)
L slang-bangs (Slang-bang!) like a dub plate (Bing!)
Jericho Sound System, mash up your club dates! (Mash up your...)
Sweeter than a cherry on a fruit cocktail
Whenever, Wherever, Whatever (Whenever, Wherever, Whatever! - Singing)
Like Maxwell (Unh)
My pentium, makes more chips than Intel (Intel)
I didn't mean to turn you on (I didn't mean to turn you on!)
Like Sherell! ( Uh Huh)
Kids move they body like they're tripping off of acid, Anthony
Not even fantasy can surpass it (Unh, unh!)
Once you blast it one starts to feel kinky
I think thee, goes by the name of Young Slinky
And just when you thought it was safe to relax (Safe to relax!)
L-Boogie spits with perfect syntax! ( Perfect syntax!)
Then, DJ Skribble make you dribble on the wax (What?)...
DJ Skribble make you dribble on the wax!

[Lauryn Singing - Chorus]
Can I hear you in the morning, (Can I see you?)
like I hear you late at night?
Chance to hear you (In the morning)
Amp the party
DJ Skribble Keep It Tight!
(Can I see you?)
Just a short time in the morning
Like I hear you late at night (In the morning!)
Chance to hear you
Amp the party
DJ Skribble Keep It Tight!

Can I hear you in the morning (Can I see you?)
Like I hear you late at night (In the morning!)
Chance to hear you
Amp the party
DJ Skribble, KEEP IT TIGHT!!! (L-Boogie!) - Forte' 3x (Keep It Tight!)
Keep It Tight! (Keep It Tight)
Keep It Tight (echo)
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Lauryn Hill DJ Skribble's Traffic Jams Lyrics

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