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I Gotta Find Peace of Mind Lyrics

Artist: Lauryn Hill
Album: MTV Unplugged No. 2.0

i gotta find peace of mind
i gotta find peace of mind
(she speaks)
i gotta find peace of mind
i gotta find peace of mind

he says it impossible
but i know it possible
he says its impossible
but i know its possible

he says there's no me without him
please help me forget anout about him
he takes all my energy
trapped in my memory
constantly holding me, constanly holding me
i need to tell you all, all the pain he's caused mmmmmmmmm

i need to tell you im, im undone because mmmmmmmmm


to finally be in love and know the real meaning of a
lasting relationship, not based on ownership
i trust every part of you
cause all that i-- all that you say you do
you love me despite myself
sometimes i, i fight myself
i just cant believe that you would have anything to do with someone so
insecure, someone so immature
ohh you inspire me to be the higher me,
you make my desire pure (2 x's)
just tell me what to say
i cant find the words to say
please dont be mad with me
i have no identity
all that i 've known os gone
all i was building on
i wanna walk with you, how do i talk to you
touch my mouth with your hands(2x's)
ohh i want to understand
the meaning of your embrace
i know now i have to face
the temptations of my past
plaese dont let me disgrace
will my devotion last
now that i know the truth
now that its no excuse
keeping me from your love
what was i thinking of, holding me from ya love, what was i thinking of

you are my peace of mind
that old me is left behind
you are my peace of mind
that old me is left behind

he says its impossible, but i know its impossible
he says its imobable, but i know its tangible
he says its not grabable, i know its haveable

please come free my mind................


by javstel on 6/16/2010 6:35pm
what a song

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Lauryn Hill MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 Lyrics

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